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L. Orion Release

by EA_DaveRF10

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Re: L. Orion Release

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❌🛠⚙️I absolutely agree that the orion should be repaired, everyone wants a statistic about it and wasted time and money💵😒
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Re: L. Orion Release

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@EA_DaveRF10 Orion repair repair👎Statistic👆🤮
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Re: L. Orion Release

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I play smono and it sucks to be 2 shot killed. In anycase, trophy tanks must always have better stats than just instant access tanks including tanks acquired through spinning the wheel of debt for shards. It will keep players interest in doing tourney runs and keep competition up.  Yes this is a pay 2 win game in its purest form, but trophy tanks must be the top dog.  Auriga special stats must be significantly decreased and L.Orion attack speed must be lowered.  otherwise, significantly buff trophy tanks.  All T6 tanks need to be reassessed so that they all specialize in their own ways but not overpower other tanks so easily as Auriga and lorion do atm.

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