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Re: L. Orion Release

by ZYO3333

Original Post

Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice

Good Morning Dave 

new tank new tank new tank 

announcement about new tank 

what’s wrong with you guys!!!!!!!!!

where is logic and credibility????????

i just bought L Canis and Auriga and still on early stages , I spent more than 1500$ on a useless game, specially with a new tank stronger. 

What did u do ? What are you intending to do ????

for god sake...... do we trust you ? Believe me no more trust .... no more trust .....

i am so disappointed of you guys . 

All the players are disappointed 


Do something Dave !!!!

before it’s too late 


Cap Mike

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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice

Dear Chilingo,

Once you have bunch of new tanks now, please take out shards for some tanks and other unnecessary items from ARMS DEALER, we don't need to have them from ARMS DEALER!. These must be shards for S-Vulp, S-Lynx, S-Lacerta, S-Pavo, S-Scorpius, and S-Monoceros. And please take out shards for blueprints and loots as well. It will be nice if we receive some ARMS DEALER tickets from boxes for 3 wins.

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Re: L. Orion Release

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@CapMike333 You're right, brother, I agree with you on this.
I spent a total of $ 3,000 on this Game.
I'm not gonna play this game. I think I will. Because everything turned into money.
Everything was turned upside down, and I'm out of trust.
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Re: L. Orion Release

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice
  • Hello all, Some of the most important things you forgot to mention my brother.


1. Orion - days and days of EW gameplay required with top 3 legions gaining the trophy only (which is very hard to do considering how many legions go for it every season) your release of the L versions renders the EW process useless ie why would someone spend money and time to play EW when they can just wait for the L version instead? 


2. Considering that you want to stick to your lack of business idea and keep L tanks they should be much weaker than the ones in the EW tourney not the other way around atleast that way players will have a reason to play your tournament.


3. Iam all for new tanks but you rendering the ones that took time effort and money to obtain is pitiful.


4. blue prints which iam sure 90% of the players dont need from Arms Dealer you still give out, is it hard for you to come up with a system that does not allow extras if one already posses any of the items in the Arms dealer? I understand that money is essential in any business related field but does being a decent human being not exist for you? Iam happy that your game was successful and may GOD bless you with further success, but being greedy and un attentive to your consumers is just plain sad.

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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice

Hello Dave

Everybody must be happy specially that you are introducing a new tank but unfortunately we are all sad and upset of your false policy to run this game. This game was very successful and all what you re doing guys is to destroy it by lunching a new version and by adding new tanks. You need money money money that’s alll what you want but you should give good product, instead you’re Messing with the game over and over again . 

You know what take a little break and think of all these comment and reconsider your decision specially there is no tank with 4 bombs 🤣🤣🤣🤣. What’s wrong with you guys . If we need to buy a tank we are gambling with your lottery and spending a lot of money real cash for fake tanks . If you will continue with your actual behavior you will destroy completely the game. 


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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice

Here  a statistic of players point of view if you care 


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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★ Newbie

Omg! Re you serious guys? What are you trying to do 😡😡😡😡

i spent 900 $ to buy a Cygnus but now it turned into bot. It s a fraud, you re stealing our money and for what?????? for nothing!!!!!!

i played against other tanks and my tank is like a joke. 

EA you lost your reputation 

shame on you


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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice

Why did you guys bring a new tank to this game?

we didn’t enjoy our auriga and Cygnus and other new tanks 🙀🙀🙀

🧠 no brain !!!!! you need dollars 💵 right? 

You ruin this game 

shame on you

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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice

Totally agree! Chillingo can’t introduce a tank every 3 months and chillingo should allow players who have the centaurus fornax or sagitta to be able to compete with the other t6s that are clearly superior. even the serpens has become a useless chariot against Auriga. and also to unlock Orion you have to go to one of the usual legions that reach the top 4 of Ew while all the other legions don't have the chance to win this wagon. after 6 years I am strongly disappointed by the way this game evolves and I am seriously thinking of leaving many others like me.


RichelieuCap commander of Ita-Armata legion 

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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice
@EA_DaveRF10hello dave
Available oriona engine speed and ignition speed please this situation is very inconvenient😔
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