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Re: L. Orion Release

by scupington

Original Post

L. Orion Release

EA Community Manager
The L.Orion will be available from the Arms Dealer at the start of Season 7 on 20th June.
Attack - 1650
FireSpeed - 16.0
Armour - 9471
Movement - 899
Ability: Rapid Fire: Reload 4 shells and fire them at the same time! 
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Re: L. Orion Release

★★★★ Novice

When are we getting a new tank you can buy with diamonds “Dave”?

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Re: L. Orion Release

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l.orion elmas lamı satışa sunulacak yoksa parça ilemi satılacak.bilgi verirseniz sevinirim.

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Re: L. Orion Release

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It’s just a shame that players cannot obtain this tank without putting their financial future in doubt.  It would be nice if the average player could obtain these tanks without having to spend hundreds of dollars, most of which will go towards useless things that they don’t need anymore.

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Re: L. Orion Release

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Adding a speed to orion is strongly required Frown 'ORION'
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Re: L. Orion Release

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a change like in canis please what is the 70 engine speed in orion this is stupid😠
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Re: L. Orion Release

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Agree with you on this issue, is too damn slow, chillingo should do something about this problem on next update 

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Re: L. Orion Release

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Hello Dave 

i have a hall of fame tank with a garage full of t6 tanks almost full and I spent a lot of money on this game but every good investment need stability so if you are trying to release a top one tank every short period it will be bad for the game concept and stability as mention in the beginning specially that the ĄUŖĮĜĄ will turn into a bot killed by l Orion on the sight (4 shots).

i suggest specially that you already  took the decision to release the L Orion to reconsider the power and the strength of the ĄUŖĮĜĄ and keep it on the top of t6 tanks. 


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Re: L. Orion Release

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hey ops give me free the L orion tank  please thanks

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Re: L. Orion Release

★★ Novice

Hello Dave

what a shame for Chillingo and EA to add a new tank every 3 months, it s like they’re selling potatoes. We trust your logic sense and we ask you as fans and customers who pay a lot on this game to reconsider your decision and bring stability to this game, most players who bought ĄUŖĮĜĄ didn’t max it yet and didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy playing with it. If they are looking for fast money maybe they can get some but at the long term you will definitely loose a lot of players (good customers) and this game will come to close. Now all the players are complaining and are not happy with your decision and no one will buy this new tank knowing in advance that you will introduce a new stronger  tank in the near Futur . Keep the ĄUŖĮĜĄ on the top of all tanks by reinforcing it and give a good sign to 1000 of players who spend thousands of dollars to get it. 

If you want the prosperity of this game L. orion must be the last tank in these 2 years at least or this game will become a big joke . 

Best Regards

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