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Iron Force v2.9.7

by EA_DaveRF10

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Iron Force v2.9.7

EA Plants vs. Zombies Team



The next Iron Force update is just around the corner and includes some changes to the rewards in Empire Wars, read on to find out what's in Store!


Canis Changes

- Test Season 16 will be the final season you will be able to win the Empire Wars Canis Trophy.

- A new tank the L.Canis, an all new, legendary variant of the Empire Wars test season trophy tank will be added to the Arms Dealer.  This variant will be available by collecting shards and has different stats to the Empire Wars Canis already present in Iron Force.

New Trophy Tank

Empire Wars Season 1 introduces an all new Trophy Tank, the ‘Orion’ and will require you to obtain the Empire Wars Orion Trophy to purchase it.

- The ‘Orion’ will become available at the end of the Season 1 of Empire Wars, replacing the ‘Canis’ as the Trophy Tank

- From then on, the Trophy Tank available will change every 8 seasons.

- For those players not competing in Empire Wars, a separate edition of the Orion, the ‘L.Orion’ will become available as a shard Tank through the Arms dealer later this year.

Test Season 16 Dates - 24th January - 12th February


Season 1 Dates -  14th February - 5th March

Stay tuned for an exclusive first look of the L.Canis and the Orion Coming soon!

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