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Iron Force 2.8.0

by EA_DaveRF10

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Iron Force 2.8.0

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EA Plants vs. Zombies Team
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Attention Commanders!
Iron Force version 2.8.0 will be available in a few weeks time, with some big changes and new additions, such as new battlefields, new ways to play, and maybe even a new tank 😉
One of the biggest changes we will be making is to the way that S-Model Tanks are unlocked, instead of upgrading the base model of your Tank to 100%, you will need to collect a certain number of shards to unlock the S Model.
However this does not mean all the time and effort you have put into upgrading your base model Tank has been in vain, as we will be converting your upgrade level at the time of the update into Shards, plus an additional 25% bonus.
For example, if you have upgraded your Tank to 50% and the Tank you are upgrading requires 10,000 Shards, you will get 6,250 Shards towards the S-Model. This also means that if your upgrade level on release is 80% or above, you will instantly unlock your S-Model!
We will also be removing the delivery timers on S-Model tanks, so you will now receive them instantly, once you have gathered enough shards.
If you haven’t quite reached 80% upgrades on your chosen Tank yet do not worry! Iron Force v2.8.0 is not scheduled to release for a few more weeks, so you still have plenty of time, so get upgrading, Commander!
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