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Ingame cash

by gude2018

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Ingame cash

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Hey there. 

Since i updated the game this morning there are no ingame cash loots anymore.

ok they are there but they are always worth exactly: o. In words Zero nothing.

please fix and please do it fast.

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Re: Ingame cash

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Also they have reduced the cash for S.Vulp from 2000 to 1400 & for S.Lacerta it is reduced from 2150 to 1450. I didn't get a chance to check on other tanks.


Bro. Do you think it is a bug ??? I don't think so. Looks like Chillingo & Coolfish now wants to delay all the tank upgrades by reducing the cash rewards.




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Re: Ingame cash

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Also, they have returned to only 3 to a team in team modes,   Also they added a turniment score sheet after each battle, really, who cares about that, with all the issues add some thing that can be see in the leader board,



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Re: Ingame cash

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Since the pumkins come out,  there are no more gems on the field.  Im thinking that the whole idea is to get people to buy the pumkins with what gems they have.  Just look at the top 5 in Andriod.  They all have spent hundreds so far.  Not for me,  I'll just keep playing free. 

I have noticed that team bonus has also stopped

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Re: Ingame cash

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I still see 💎 gems 💎 on the BattleField .... but the Game Loot has been decreased at all levels. HotBox payouts, Tank Kill Loot, x2 SQUAD Bonus .... and on and on have all been DECREASED. They are choking out all of the new players and forcing the OG’s to spend real money in order to progress any further in the game !!

- Save your money. Let the greedy developers take the heat for killing Ironforce .... A Once Great game.

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Re: Ingame cash

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The problem is and would always be the numnuts that have come to believe it is reality and spend what ever it takes to win.  

This is what the devs want,  thats why chat is not monitored for abuse..


Abuse makes anger,  anger makes money 


Play for free,  boycott paints.  Spread the word. 


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Re: Ingame cash

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iron force 2. Needs bandwidth, so the cut backs on Iron Force 1.  It will get worse.   “There can only be One” 

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