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Re: How do I rank this

by jabu69

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How do I rank this

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How do I rank this you gonna tell me that this was fair match up because of my rank and my tank  you've had plenty of time to fix the game 

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Re: How do I rank this

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Unfortunately PXXX, you are flogging a dead horse, Chillingo don't care, people having been moaning about this since the game was invented years ago.


Thousands I mean thousands of players have left the game because of what you show in your screenshot.


Chillingo simply do not give a dam about the unfairness of the game. While they make milliIons on this game, they will never change it, until people stop playing it, and that will never happen.


You have to put up with it, a get a bigger tank, it's the only way!


Good luck saving those gems!!!💎💎💎💎 Its only 8000 of them!



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Re: How do I rank this

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why are you complaining? iron force ia a pay to win game, as everyone knows meanwhile. You don't pay?OK, you might lose. Don't worry, don't cry, just go on doing your best!

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