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Re: Here we go again!

by theDUDEsns

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Here we go again!

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Tried logging on for empire wars and of course it won’t load. I deleted/reinstalled app and switched from WiFi to data and still no luck. I know it’s not on my end cuz some but not all legion mates are having same issues. Makes me wonder if moving servers to IF2.

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Re: Here we go again!

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Now they just unplug the servers and block you out let’s you just sit there on loading screen. Think after all the maintenance they would have figured it out by now. 

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Re: Here we go again!

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Easy enough to figure out what’s going on here ..... they are intentionally choking out what if left of its loyal players. 

- it the only thing that makes sense. With all the repetitive Maintenance and with NO explanation here by Chillingo personal, it’s easy to conclude that at this point they want people to leave the game.

- if they continute to have people voluntarily quit the game it will just make things easier for them to take the game OffLine because the threat of legal retaliation will be next to none and they will have the statical data to showing the continued loss in revenue to support their decision to take the game offline.

- its a very sneaky way to do business, but CA$H is KING and when there is none the GAME IS OVER !!


Maybe it’s for the best that IF is dying .... it’s been corrupted by cheaters so bad for the last 1.5 years that making any advancement in the game is virtually impossible. 

- I only hope that Chillingo has taken measure with IronForce2 to protect the game from “hackers and cheaters”. These forums are a perfect opportunity for Chillingo to stay ahead of all the corruption in the game but it wasn’t taken seriously enough and things got out of hand very quickly and the end result is what we have now .... a dying game.


- a friend just told me something when I mentioned I was taking a much needed break from the game “ Enjoy the break...that bright thing in the sky is the sun, in case you had forgotten.” He comment wasn’t far from the truth. I wasted 3+ years of my life as an addict of IronForce. I’m getting clean now. Thanks G ! ㋡ 


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