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Betreff: Here's another cheating legion.

by 14033295

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Here's another cheating legion.

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Went into battle against an s mono There was only one tank in battle. First screenshot. Then at the end of game a second tank was showing on our opponents legion. This was a set tank that wasn't showing for the whole game and appeared at the end giving their legion 3 additional unearned points. fix the cheating 

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Betreff: Here's another cheating legion.

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You need two devices.


Start the game for the bait and the big tank. Before the field opens, push the home button and the bait is not on the field, the game is ready for close. But don't close. A few seconds before end you take the bait into the game. You see the actual game of your teammates in a summary high-speed. But the phone or pad must not be in standby (take 5 minutes for standby of your device - if you take less he becomes a bot). And if you take him not or too late into the game he doesn't get flags ... if you take the bait in the beginnig too late out of the game he appears on the field. You need some practice for this, sometimes it is difficult if the servers works slow ...


it is one of their cheats ... but everyone can do it. There a a lot more and Cheatlingo knows these because they support it for the chinese and some other. Remember the jumping tanks (chinese), not counting shots (chinese), connection interruptions and so on. And i think they get points twice because i had a chinese who made in ten seconds 300 points and won the fight. It is so ridiculous what all the players take normal but it is cheating.

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Betreff: Here's another cheating legion.

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I would rather call this "exploiting numerous loopholes"


Another example attached. And look how many flags their bot have!

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