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Re: Glowing tanks?

by ShotnDark

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Glowing tanks?

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Ok so now we will have some more lag and some more things we got to buy with gems or real cash I am sure. And of course the we will all enjoy getting booted. More as that is so much fun to loose your fuel and get nothing for it. Not sure where you going with this new stuff not even sure if anyone wants it.

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Re: Glowing tanks?

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And another special event dominated by serps and cephs with all the others left in the dust. Not sure about that as this last tournament was just a waste of fuel for most of us, some had big dreams and they were all busted.

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Re: Glowing tanks?

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I agree, for the player working on improving his T4S this will probably be unreachable and will only end in the big boys killing him much more easily.  That is unless we would be willing to plunk down about $600 in cold hard cash

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Re: Glowing tanks?

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I have to word this carefully big brother is watching me and don’t want to get booted.  The comments already given are justified as to updates since every update so far have always produced additional glitches and have to be fixed as well.  The new glow worm paint or decal, don’t know which it will be since it was not clear in the EA notice.   However, other games have this feature where all your base tanks or what ever you drive or fly, attributes are increased by % amounts for a spacific time period, hours to days and  As one op said it will cost and done to get you to spend $$.   From what I read it will only be available for T4 and above.  That’s where the issues will come in, “the above”.  The big tanks will use it the smaller tanks will to but won’t do much for them unless fighting similar opponents.  I personally am not looking forward to this after glow option. Think it will make it harder to get fair match ups.


ok so yes you will have to win a Special chard by playing special events, why?   To limit it availability I guess.


I have a chopper in Battle Copter which has the same feature, don’t glow but makes your skin all one color,  and it is devastating but cost 60 blue gems for 6 hours.   The difference is in battle copters if you use your gems, your matches up are pritty much fair, you know t4 againts t4, or T1,2 against T 1,2 in normal game modes. I don’t believe Iron Force is set up with fair match ups yet we’re tier levels against same tier. The funny thing about this is BC is a Chillingo game just different developers.

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Re: Glowing tanks?

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We do not know all the details yet. Maybe this will be a real improvement with more fun and variety.

In my opinion, it would be important, that everyone is able to get the glowing tanks.
It would be pity, if it will be like getting Serpens or Cerpheus, which are unreachable for normal player.

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Re: Glowing tanks?

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I think it is time for all T3 tanks and below to retire. All of the battles here recently in tournaments are for serp and above to gain prizes. In the Champions Tournament,  the last day is only for maxed serps. And random match ups are heavily stack with 4 stars and above against 3 stars and below. 

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