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Re: Garbage matchup as ever

by phillpmorris

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Garbage matchup as ever

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I downloaded the new update worse the new map and matchup is worse than before. I drive a maxed SScorp and every match 4/4 is with maxed painted T6 cents that kill me in 3 shots.

Absolutely horrible game.
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Re: Garbage matchup as ever

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Well boo hoo! Now you have to actually work for your points instead of being matched up with us T4's where you pick us off with one shot!


I guess it really is all about perspective!!!! 🤔

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Re: Garbage matchup as ever

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hi,t6 earns nothing,they only freeze you,take your drops,even though its clear you got there first.
the t6 is definitely programmed to cheat you,in my opinon,its built into the tank,I know because I fight them everyday,and theres nothing we can do about it,because its all about buyers.
not only cant even reach hof unless you swipe your card.thats unfair also,ty.
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Re: Garbage matchup as ever

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Love when T5 belly ache about T6.


Agree never heard complaints when they were killing my S Vulps, especially with last power upgrades.


If anyone have complaints about T 6 it's the T4's.

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Re: Garbage matchup as ever

★★★★ Novice

Yes I agree when I had a base model scorp and pavo no complaints when the t5s was killing like crazy I do have a t6 but I do not shoot t4s unless they shoot me 

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