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Re: Game won’t load

by MekiXXs-RTE

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Re: Game won’t load

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Event time is server maintenance time...! That is EA!!! Sorry but EA do anything to kill this Game!!!

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Re: Game won’t load

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Every time I buy paint they do sèrver maintenance and it comes back on when I go to bed so basically I lose 14 hours of my paint with no compensation as I am not staying up all night just to play a game that is run so poorly
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Re: Game won’t load

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and which compensation we will get now from fabulous EA 🤔 

we wasnt able to Play the gems event few days ago 

now we aren‘t able to Play EW 

guys you only can have the worst Time Management i‘ve ever Seen 

shame on you EA 

you did alot of good Games , but here you just suck 

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Re: Game won’t load

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And again 😳😳😳😳

event Time and the Game crashed 

dam guys what ar you doing ???

may it’s possible for us to fire you 🤔🤔🤔

for all the peeps where still spend money into this *.......STOP IT !

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Re: Game won’t load

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That's a joke! always at event times comes a maintenance and no credit for pattern / decor and afterglow

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Re: Game won’t load

[ Edited ]
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[Removed by CM]

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Re: Game won’t load

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So you Banned me only about the truth of this Game ?

lol i don’t care 

now you See Second Time today again at the Event maintenance 

so you think this is normal ?

why you guys from EA cant give us an Answers at all our questions here ?

you Sitting there and you Watch at your swear Filter LOL 

ban me again i don’t care 

guys think about this now : why do you Need a swear Filter ? Why we have to swear?

yes it’s about the Performance into the Game ! Not about our ISP

you can close your eyes and ban everyone from here , but you cant make this Game run smooth 

oh well the compensation about the server was awesome 

2k cash - i‘m Rich now 😂

1 Hour Elite - Really 😳

shame on you EA 

now ban me again in this helps you LOL 

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Re: Game won’t load

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MORE SERVER MAINTENANCE .... OMG What are you guys doing ??



Ive also received an “Official Ban Warning” seems that is the only way they know how to deal with the Tough Questions that get asked here. 

- So what is e purpose of the forum if we cannot come here and voice our concerns about the game or ask questions related to changes that are implemented with new updates.

- Why do the EA Monitors seem clueless about the questions we ask and why are they seemingly not “ACTIVE” participants in the Game that offer advice on ?

- WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF IRON FORCE ..... bet my paycheck I have all the answers ㋡ 



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Re: Game won’t load

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if EA would make your maintenance just as fast as they lock user here in the forum 😂

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