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Re: Game glitch.

by ShotnDark

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Re: Game glitch.

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@ShotnDark If you are having issues with lag then this would point to an issue with your home network or device, please attempt the troubleshooting steps below. 


Connection Troubleshooting:





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Re: Game glitch.

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EA_Darko, you need to keep up. I have no problems with my network. I the past week, I have played on3 different networks. 2 of the networks are beyond the game minimums. The best network was a gigabit connection. With wireless connection of 5mhz. With internet connection speed of a minimum of 160MB up and down. Even that was laggy. Until EA posts the minimums for hardware and connection, EA cannot continue saying it is the players network. I have been playing for 4 years, I have seen the game play get worse. EA's hosting servers in North America are slow, but other areas of the world have better performance because of lower player counts.

And, I am trying to tell as many people as possible that game play has gotten worse. I will continue to warn players off until performance improves, either by reducing the number of players, and of course EA's revenue from them, or EA improves the performance of game play.
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