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Game glitch.

by glp1981

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Game glitch.

★★★★ Newbie

This Game keeps glitching periodically during game. When is this going to be fixed?


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Re: Game glitch.

Community Manager

@ShotnDark If you are having issues with lag then this would point to an issue with your home network or device, please attempt the troubleshooting steps below. 


Connection Troubleshooting:





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Re: Game glitch.

★★★★ Novice in you drive 50 ft and it takes you back to where you were or you wake up with tank nose in a wall on other side of map,  that kind of glitchy? Are your signal bars (upper left corner) good, or are bars red?

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Re: Game glitch.

★★★★ Newbie

Yes, and full bars.


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Re: Game glitch.

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Bars are white.

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Re: Game glitch.

★★★★ Novice

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Tita NorCal Rodriguez

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Re: Game glitch.

Community Manager

@DirtyDevDA@glp1981 It sounds like you are having connection issues, please find the links to the relevant troubleshooting steps for your device here:

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Re: Game glitch.

★ Guide

Darko connection is not always he problem as with the servers in China it is not help with the lag. With local server I am at 23 ms of ping with the server with a Chinese server my ping is 289ms using vpn so it’s like when you talk on phone with someone overseas you have a pause in the voice as it takes a long time to get here in the USA from China. If your upload speed is slow it takes longer for the server to realize you have moved and then when it does it moves you back to where you started it is the law of physics light only travels so fast as does electricity the speed is constant but the distance takes time to get there and one bad wire between here and China and boom you are in reverse.

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Re: Game glitch.

[ Edited ]
Community Manager
When using a VPN to access servers you will see an increase in ping times.
@john4876 Your issues with connections which you have posted about before are related to your connection and you will need to work on optimizing it so as to ensure it is working as best it can.
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Re: Game glitch.

★★★★ Novice
Ok guys listen- here are a few tips to clear up the lag on our side (as the player)
Where are you in relation to your wifi? Think of wifi like sound, if it has to pass thru walls the strength will diminish. Clear line of sight is best
How many devices in your house are fighting for some of that signal? Minimize this as much as possible, I especially do so during lol
Some devices like smart TVs are signal hogs, unplug them- just turning them off will not help
Iron force gaming needs a strong signal and you want that signal to be solid and steady, not saying to stay completely still while playing, but pacing up and down your driveway while playing isn't going to be kind to you.
Hope these tips help
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Re: Game glitch.

★★★★ Apprentice
This past weekend I played on a connect with a minimum upload and download speeds of 160M, with a core of gigabit. The tablet is brand new with only Iron Force installed. During LoL, I still experienced bad lag. It is very obvious the hosting servers in North America can not handle the load and has only gotten worse over the past several months.
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