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Find and Keep Gems

by Intensereader

Original Post

Find and Keep Gems

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Why are us S Tier fours in find and keep against S Scorps and S Pavos.  They always end up with all the gems.  Sometimes we are up against S MONOs also. 

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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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What an earth r u talkIn about ?



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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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@Intensereader wrote:

Why are us S Tier fours in find and keep against S Scorps and S Pavos.  They always end up with all the gems.  Sometimes we are up against S MONOs also. 

Blue ... Intense is talking about is fairness of the match-ups!


I find it incredible that the designers of this game are so incredibly brilliant that they can develop code to display tank movements, display incredible graphics, determine the algorithms of shot trajectories etc., yet they haven't able to figure out that a tank with a battle strength of 5000 will out-match a tank with a battle strength of 2000. It's simple guys: 1+1=2


There is all kinds of talk about commander experience, commander rank, tank class, tank strength, that goes into determining the match-ups, but quite frankly I call "BULL". The way I see it, tanks with similar battle strengths, whether that be a Draco matching a Pavo, but each with similar battle strengths should be matched. End of story!


For example, if say I'm a Captain and I'm running a weak Pavo but I'm matched with a strong Draco commanded by a General, and we battle it out and the General beats me because he's more experienced, well that's a win. I know some of you are already going to be arguing that the battle strength of a maxed Draco can not match the battle strength of a entry level Pavo, please realize I'm using this as an extreme example. The point I'm making is match strengths and forget about all that other garbage, because quite frankly, IT'S NOT WORKING!!!

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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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I hear you and understand your frustration about matchups in the game.


As an experience player, having battled for years in this game, I know Chillingo willl never change the way the game is unevenly matched.


Whether an experienced commander or novice, you are right, a top tier tank fully maxed out, with patterns and decal, is going  to win all the time.


But that my friend is the way the game makers like it.


They are fully aware of the uneven matchups, and if Chillingo gave in to facilitatating us with even battles all the time, they wouldn't make any profits/ money...


Chillingo or whoever know that over time, everyone of us gets annoyed and frustrated at this game, because it can be so unfair.


But Chillingo's answer to that is spend spend spend real money to get a bigger tank, and spend further real money to get the top tank fully maxed out.


They know it will cost you thousands of pounds or dollars or whatever currency you are using, to get to the top tank, and that is exactly what they want.


I have said on many occasions on here, like other who have played even longer than me, if you really like this's game, and are addicted to it, like me, don't spend a lot of real cash, spend a little, so the game makers will allow ithe game to continue.


We do get so much fun even though it is an addicted fun from this game.


In the past I only spent a very small amount of real cash every now and then, usually to obtain some elite time, to collect more game cash for upgrades etc.


I have a T6 tank fully maxed now, so don't need to spend and real cash any more.


This game can be unfair, but if you stick with it, over time, you can't get the T6 tanks for free with persistence etc


I enjoy it more now that I am a T6, as I win most battles, even against Monster tanks and SERPS.


This game can be unfair, but we all still play it, enjoy it while it lasts my friend.


I remember paying a another shooting game for two year or so. I got to the top of my levels, gained lots of cash and gems, was waiting for the next bigger weapon to buy with my free won items, when the game makers without notice pulled tithe plug on it, shut it down.


I never thought it could happen, but the owners because of lack of profits simply shut it down, and that was years ago, never came back.


I know load of players spend a lot of real cash on that game, and when the plug was pulled, none of them got their money back.


So stick with it, it worth it when you are at a level T6 tank, even better when you have gained the tank just by playing this game for free.


Cheers Cep

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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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Yes your right Blue! And I just like to vent when it gets to be too much 😋


When all is said and done, the game is fun and exciting, and certainly addictive. Just as we want the chance to win, there needs to be the chance to lose. Otherwise I believe we would get bored with the game.


My game strategy is similar in that I only pay real money for my elite time. And the fun of it is working my way up to making my tank stronger and faster, ever mindful of the allure of the T6 tanks. One of my legion mates, is running a Serpens, and he commented that one of his next upgrades is going to cost him 4.4 million. And I thought I had it bad with mine costing 200K 🤔


I guess it's all about ones perspective! I enjoy your comments, your advice, your posts .... keep it up.


Happy gaming 😎

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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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This is what I'm talking about.

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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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Hi intense


I assume you are the Super Lacerta which has been erased from the screen print.


The fact that your are a super tank, the F&K battles I think are based on your rank and tank together.


So not too sure of your rank in that photo, but a Super Lacerta would be faced against other super tanks.


So if you were a 3 star general in a Super Lacerta you could face a 1 , 2 or 3 star general in a Super Pavo or Super Scorp etc.


No it's  not fair, I also find that playing F&K that quite often I will be faced against 5 Chinese tanks against me, you have no chance what's so ever..


Even LOL battles have over the last 12 months become so unevenly matched that I don't bother with them either.


At least you have a good tank, better than all the other T 4 range of tanks 



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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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Hate to bust all your bubbles, but F n K is gem or funds is based on tank first, not the rank.  So all the mix match match ups will result in what your all asking why?


if the servers are at low load you get any mixture of tanks and ranks which means the biggest tank will get most or all the gems or funds.


where, if the servers are high load, you will get all the same tier tanks, with different ranks or levels some S some, not.  Or if your a T6 you get all T6 types, which again is the tank not the rank.

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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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Hi Darubberdoctor 


In F&K battles the tanks are ranked against the banks of the the sea!


If the rank of the tank is smaller that the tank of the rank, the rank tank would then win all the gems or cash.


But if the rank was bigger than the length of the tank, and the guns were blocked with smaller bank of ranks, then the game would be won, by the smallest tank who has no rank at all!


A simple way of looking at this is to have no rank or tank at all, don't enter the F&K battle, without a tank or rank, or u will be sank, and you will be forced up against the bank.


Once forced against the bank, with no rank or tank, you won't win the gems or cash.


Straight forward explanation, what don't think?


So to keep it short and resolve this issue is Tank x Rank x Bank = Hank


Now Hank as we all know, drives a tank, he has no rank, so is sank, and never wins the Gems & Cash


But he doesn't care, because Hank is cool 😎 and play as a guitar, and smokes a cigar!


Well done Hank for expliaining the problems with the F&K battles 



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Re: Find and Keep Gems

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What an earth r u talkIn about ?




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