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Facebook Integration

by APRichelieu

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Facebook Integration

★ Apprentice

The Facebook integration is bad, if you have multiple accounts.

Whenever you start IF on a new device, you lose FB connection on the old device

and log into the new device. This is automatic, no questions asked.

if you try to log into Facebook, you have to klick three times.


if a device is already logged into FB, then IF should not change user when a new device is started.

The user should once logged into FB, not have to answer questions to take control over FB, even if another device is currently logged in.

It should be enough to press the FB button.


When entering the FB tab, all FB friends with money to pick should be on the top of the list,

sorted by cash. The rest can be sorted by points.


When playing Team, team members should have first choice of FB cash.

Legion members should have an advantage over other players.


There should be a way to change FB account maybe once a week/month.

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