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Re: Excess blueprints and tank shards

by hawkwolf223

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Excess blueprints and tank shards

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Can you answer me please, where or how we’re suppose to use our excess tank shards or blueprints? And how fair it is to spend $100 for a pack of tickets or spend tons of gems while playing Empire wars, to paint and glow few tanks to be competitive and that’s all for to spin 1200 crates and get 15k cash, few useless blueprints and tank shards that you already own and rarely if you’re really lucky you might actually get what you need? Are you guys planing to make any changes regarding that or you’re happy when people waste $ for nothing in this game? Thanks in advance for your answer. 

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Re: Excess blueprints and tank shards

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As expected there will be no answer for my question. Which means nothing will change and people will waste money for something they already own 

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Re: Excess blueprints and tank shards

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No gastes tu dinero real en esta estafa.. juega, diviértete lo que puedas y gasta tu dinero en algo mas provechoso

Demasiado lag, demasiados hackers y demasiada pasividad de EA y Chillingo.




Do not spend your real money on this * .. play, have fun what you can and spend your money on something more profitable

Too much lag, too many hackers and too much passivity of EA and Chillingo.


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Re: Excess blueprints and tank shards

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Chillingo/EA developers,

Once a good game for a common man, now entertains only thick wallets. The number of changes that you have made, with motive to dig deeper into pockets, have not gone unnoticed.

This Midas act is not going to be fruitful, I warn you.
“Midas was a man who wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. However, he had not thought that this wish was not actually a blessing, but a curse.”

Your Midas Act entails:
- s class tanks have been virtually eliminated. Don’t tell me that you want me to spin the wheel to unlock s-lynx for a 1000 dollars
- Shard spin: We don’t need shards to unlock 3 cygnus’ and 2 Aurigas when we already have those unlocked. We also don’t need 150 tickers from the 1200 box spin. - Gems are getting rarer
- Squad games are getting rarer

I have spent thousands of dollars on this game. Sooner or later I and other players like me will move on unless you fix your ways.
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Re: Excess blueprints and tank shards

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@KiSLoTNiK_77 This is why I stopped spending real money a couple years ago. It was wasted. They will not fix anything, they won’t listen, and people will still spend huge amounts of cash for a game which gives nothing in return.
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