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Re: Enough T6's already

by Renzo_90210

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Enough T6's already

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I would imagine there are enough T6 now ( 5 tanks and have been out for a long time now) that the need for them to battle T4 is done. In the beginning when they were scarce i understood them needing to battle T4 and T5 both. Now however there are enough T6 that they should battle T6 and T5 only.  T4 can use only 2 tech and are not even in the same league with T6.  I know the game wants you to buy up, but it is increasing difficult to EARN up to T6 when competing against them.  At least give t4 one more tech so that they can try to compete and not be merely cannon fodder.

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Re: Enough T6's already

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thats y tanks are classified in tier ranks each have their own limits in strength technology etc. each have advantage over the other &vise versa.... even i have a t6 but still under strength faced against a maxed t6 its like playing a t4 tank. if i want to play head2head against another t6 i need to beef up my t6 stat (spend money so2speak) and frankly, your last suggestion will not happen ever....

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Re: Enough T6's already

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Run solo, stay out of team legion games, or get a bigger tank.

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Re: Enough T6's already

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I would agree with you, there are way to many unbalanced battles. I've had many battles where I was paired with two bots in a sVulp against three cents,lots of fun. I do find,as far as building your tank, that if you play a team battle , you can often get an all bot match, which will let you earn a lot of cash and some gems. I'm working on building a Sag now, so hopefully my cent problems will be behind me soon. Good luck out there.

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Re: Enough T6's already

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You will also find that certain times of the day in your location that matches are mostly bots.   In central USA time. 6 pm to 12 pm team play is mostly bot runs.  When your awake some are asleep, and low traffic so bots fill in.


play the map that no one likes that a sure fire bot run or at least few real peeps.

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Re: Enough T6's already

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Which map is least popular?

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Re: Enough T6's already

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I found that the island is the least popular, then the harbor,  then the wino yard,   City and desert are Played the most 

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