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Empire Wars v2.9.0 - Improvements

by EA_DaveRF10

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Empire Wars v2.9.0 - Improvements

EA Community Manager

With the release of Iron Force v2.9.0 we've streamlined Empire Wars to make it as accessible as possible for as many players as possible, read on to find out what changes have been made.


Auto Auction

The first thing we've added is an auto-auction function to make bidding on Territories much easier. If your Legion Leader is not active or chooses not to take part in the standard auction your Legion will automatically be assigned one Territory via the auto auction.


Auto Auction is switched on by default but can be switched off by your Legion Leader via the Empire Wars menu, however it will default to on at the start of each new Empire Wars season.



Pre-battle screen.

As well as tidying up this screen to make it easier to navigate, we've also added a few new features such as new leaderboards to show exactly how your  Legion is getting on plus a new Tank select menu to ensure that you're taking the right Tank into the right Territory, with the first 10 Legion members to lock in their tank being the only ones that can battle for their selected Territory.


We've also moved all the information from the 'Headquarters' to the pre-battle screen so all the information you need to plan your attack is now in one place.



Empire Wars Log.

Previously Empire Wars results were only sent to the Legion leader via in-game mail, with this update we’ve added a new War Report section to the Empire Wars Battle menu, from here all players in a Legion will be able to see the current seasons results.



Final Showdown

We’ve changed this to make it easier for players to join the Final Showdown:

  • No longer restricted to Legion Captains only
  • Any Legion member that took part in a Battle in that territory can join
  • The first players to sign up for the Final Showdown will automatically be placed in the team, make sure you coordinate with your Legion mates!
  • If a player plays in one final, they are blocked from playing in another during that battle period
  • The players that play in the first showdown must take part in the next one.
  • The first player to join can start the matchmaking process, if the process is not started before the countdown ends i will count as an automatic loss for your Legion.


Empire Wars Medals


Victory Medals - 

Collect Victory Medals from Empire Wars to earn bonuses in Team and FFA mode!  Players can earn Victory Medals by collecting Victory Points from Empire Wars battles, with your Team and FFA bonus increasing with each Medal level you gain! The bonus given will change each season, and could be anything from Funds, Rank Points or even Diamonds! 


This bonus won't last forever though and will reset at the start of each new Empire Wars Season.


Territory Medals - 

These medals can only be won by holding on to Territories and are awarded after each final showdown, although if you lose a territory you will also lose the medal award for it! Collecting Territory Medals unlocks exclusive Legion Badges to show of your Empire Wars prowess, with only the top legions able to unlock all the new Badges. 



New Tank - The Canis!

A new trophy Tank has been added to to the prizes available from competing in Empire Wars, players from the top Legions at the end of Each season will receive the Empire Wars Torphy, which will unlock the Canis for purchase in the Garage.

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