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Empire Wars - Guide

by EA_DaveRF10

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Empire Wars - Guide

EA Community Manager
Empire Wars is the newest way to battle for your Legions honour and is the best way to earn free Arms Tokens to be used at the Arms Dealer. There are three different Zones in the first season for your Legion to battle it out in, West, Central and East, which each zone having 48 territories each. 
Season 1
Runs: 22/03/2018 - 02/04/2018
Week 1 Battles: 23/03/2018 - 26/03/2018 
Week 2 Battles: 30/03/2018 - 01/04/2018
Empire Wars is split into 5 different steps:
Step 1 ‘Auction’  - During this time the Legion Commander must ‘Bid’ for the territory they wish their Legion to compete in.
Step 2 ‘Territory Battle’ - Teams from different Legions Battle it out to earn a place in the Final Territory Battle
Step 3 ‘ Territory Battle Results’ - Results are calculated from the first round of battles
Step 4 ‘Final Battles’ - Top Teams from the Territory Battle stage come up against each other to decide who will rule the territory they are fight over.
Step 5 ‘Final Battle Results’ - The results of the Final are calculated and displayed.
Territory Captain - There can be a maximum of 4 captains per territory per Legion, with 2 being the minus requirement. A Legion member can only be a captain in one territory in each zone. 
Captains are the only players that can set up battles in Empire Wars, other legion members must be invited to the team by a captain. During Step 2 Captains have 6 tickets each, when a captain enters a battle one of their tickets will be consumed, other legion members are not restricted this way, and can play under as many captains as they like. 
During the final stage, all captains in a territory share one Ticket, when any of the captains enters the Final Battle, that ticket will be consumed.
During this time the Legion Commander must ‘Bid’ for the territory they wish their Legion to compete in, the Legion Commander can bid on a maximum of 5 different territories with Legion Funds being used to bid.
How to bid:
- Open the Empire Wars interface
- Select the ‘Bid’ button to bring up the bidding interface, remember you can only bid once per territory!
- Legion Funds are used to bid and your bid must be greater than or equal to the last minimum bid. The 50 Legions with the highest bid on a territory will earn the right to participate in Territory battles in that territory. If you already own a territory from a previous round, you do not need to bid again as your team will automatically be entered into the Final Battle.
- If you do not have enough Legion Funds you can use your reserver fund to cover the difference. The reserve fund is earned from Legion members completing Daily Challenge missions.
- If your bid is successful you can see it in the Territory section of your Legion menu, Legion Funds from failed bids are mailed back to the Legion Commander.
Bidding Restrictions
- A legion needs at least 10 members to be eligible to bid on a Territory
- Different Territories have different Tank restrictions, you can check these out on each territories info panel
 - Type I - Tier 2 and Tier 3 only
 - Type II - Tier 4 and Tier 5 only
 - Type III - Tier 4S, Tier 5S and Tier 6 only
- A legion can bid on a maximum of 5 Territories per zone (East / West / Central)
How to Choose a Territory
- Sign up and match time of each Zone is separated by 8 hours, select a territory that is open when the majority of your Legion are online!
- Different territory types require different Tanks, make sure you have enough Tanks of the appropriate Tier before bidding!
- You can see the number of bidder on the search page, they higher the number of bidders, the less chance you have of winning an auction and the minimum bid will be higher!
How to Register
- You can check if the auction has been successful by going to the ‘Headquarters’ section of the Empire Wars screen, if you have been successful your Captains must register here.
- By Registering here a player becomes a captain, at least 2 captains must register per territory, per Legion with a maximum of 4.
- If you are not a Captain, you must wait for a captains invitation to join a Territory battle.
- Only Captains can play in the Final Battle, so choose your captains wisely!
- Successfully Captains will be locked in and unable to participate in any other territories in this Empire Wars round. They can still play other modes as normal.
How to take part in Territory Battles
- If you are a Captain, you must open the ‘Empire Wars’ interface when your Zone has started Step 2, ‘Territory Battle’, from here you will be able to invite other members of your legion to participate. You must be in the Tank you had during registration to start a battle.
- Legion members can accept the invite from Legion chat, just like they would during a normal team battle
- All Battles will be 3v3v3 on the new Village Battlefield
- By taking part in battles you will earn Victory Points, the Legion with the most victory points will take control of the Territory if the Territory has no owner. If the territory is owned, the Legion with the most Victory Points will earn a chance to challenge the current owner to a Final Battle to decide who will win the territory.
Final Battle.
- If a Territory is already taken, you will need to Challenge the current owners to a battle during Step 4. 
- During the Final Battle only the Captains of that territory may take part in the battle.
- The Final Battle still uses the 3v3v3 game mode, however this time with two teams of 4.
- If you dont start the battle before the end of the 5 minute Final Battle countdown, you will be disqualified.
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