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Empire Wars - 3v3v3

by EA_DaveRF10

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Empire Wars - 3v3v3

EA Community Manager



Thanks to all of you that participated in the 2v2v2v2 tests we’ve been running for the last month, we’ve been collecting data and your feedback and have refined this to an all-new 3v3v3 game mode which we’ve built into our new Tournament, Empire Wars!


3v3v3 pits 9 Tankers from 3 different Legions against each other, with the first team to reach 100 Points  crowned the winner. However this is no ordinary Team DeathMatch, read on to find out how you can maximize your chances in 3v3v3!




- Minimum of two teams, with a maximum of three

- Each team must have at least two players, with a maximum of three per team (this can change in the final phase of Empire Wars, more info on that coming soon!)

- Gems will be dropped onto the Battlefield, collecting these increases your score

- When the first team reaches a certain score, Super Boxes will be deployed to the Battlefield, each one containing a random power-up 

- The first team to 100 Points wins



In 3v3v3 the more Gems your team has, the higher your score, but beware Gems can be lost just as easily as they are won!

- Gems are randomly dropped at certain drop points on the battlefield.

- Each Gem collected adds 1 point to your team’s tota

- The amount of Gems a player has can be seen above their Tank, similar to how Diamonds are displayed in F&K

- If you are destroyed while carrying Gems, you will drop them all. Half will fall on the smoking remains of your Tank and the other half will fall randomly at a drop point.


Super Box

In addition to Gems, at certain times in a battle ‘Super Boxes’  will be airdropped onto the battlefield, collecting one of these will give you one of four random power-ups:

- Increase the Attack of your Tank for a short period.

- Restore your Tanks Armour

- Instant Damage to All enemies currently on the Battlefield.

- Permanently increase your teams Gem total


Points can also be won / lost as follows:

Destroy a enemy Tank +5

Be destroyed-1

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