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Continuous Error messages - Shutting you out of the game?

by bluelamp7777

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Re: Continuous Error messages - Shutting you out of the game?

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I always have a good connection. 40 down and at least 5 up. I would say it was a connection if only one person on the team got booted. But when the whole team from different parts of the country, sometimes the world, get booted at the same time? That points to the hosting server. No other explanation makes sense.
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Re: Continuous Error messages - Shutting you out of the game?

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Im sure its the servers.  I have three devices and have log into the game checked all the normal things anthen read the global comment. Some times the global comments are insink some times they are all completely dfferent.


That tells me the servers are different even if everyone is in the same zones, north america, europe, far east and the other server locations.


 Closeing one or the other devices  and opening it to log in and they are different again or now the same.


So,  when i have issues with longin or in game and get error messages i just close and try for another server.  Its a pain in the butt doing this and if no improvement i just close and go play another game. 


What is happening is some servers get overloaded and you get booted do to high traffic causing lag teliporting and all the other issues.  When you and your team mates are all playing at the same time and the system is over loaded with your team along with all the other peeps on it would cause the problems we are having especialy during events when world wide partisipation is high,  


makes sense right.    So The only real fix is to up date the game servers, we players cant do anything about servers that cant handle the game, only the game devlopers can and until  that happens these issues will continue.

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