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Re: Chinese Vela's dominating F&K

by hawkwolf223

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Chinese Vela's dominating F&K

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When I play F&K,   I always get matched with Chinese flags with Vela's that oneshot kill my vulp. They all play together to share the gems, and kill all other flags. 9 out of 10 it ends up with 3 or 4 chinese Vela's having all the gems. To me that doesn't seem fair. There are a lot of Vela's with Chinese flags, while it is almost impossible for me to get a Vela. 

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Re: Chinese Vela's dominating F&K

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@IAMRickDangerous Because you aren’t Chinese...
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Re: Chinese Vela's dominating F&K

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@hawkwolf223 it’s not that the chinese play together. I can understand that. But the fact that they all have vela’s and always matchup with other players with lower level tanks is at least strange don’t you think?

they have one shot kills, and always end up with the gems. Look at the ss

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Re: Chinese Vela's dominating F&K

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That is chilingo and their matching algorithm.  I have tried to point out the problem, but they don’t see it, and other players say I am whining. 

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Re: Chinese Vela's dominating F&K

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Chillingo has long benefited Russians and Chinese and not only benefits them in the battle pairing (the lag favors them) but also that the roulette of misfortune benefits them
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