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Re: Chillingo approved or what?

by AzuldeMetileno

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Chillingo approved or what?

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Here you go dave,  just like you said.  Ive sent you screenshots of hackers and cheats. 

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Re: Chillingo approved or what?

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My fair iron force players, we re losing de game. In this moment Iron Force is taken by a bunch of hackers that deform the spirit of competition making this this wonderful game experience, actually, a deep frustation.


I feel the instaled mafias are bigger and stronger than EA and Chillingo administrators, they cant do nothing.


My legion (UNSTOPPABLE)  always played by rules... we stay only 27 players on it, most tired leave the game because they cant compete with those hackers and players who buy gems, shards, money and even pilots in dark market.


If this situation continues, i will leave the game after 5 years of playing.


We have to do something!

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Re: Chillingo approved or what?

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We all know the problem but we dont get answers.  Must be good profits from cheating. 

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Re: Chillingo approved or what?

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chillingo neither wants nor can fix this, only a computer with desire and imagination could solve it, for example not allowing the lower grades and the smaller tanks of class 4 to join champion tournament battles as is done in league with the classes lower tank, another example, return to the old way of getting the S, is the only way that small tanks can better defend themselves from the traps that make them abandon and nurture new players ... another, compare the gems and tanks that they have with the money spent in the game of which you have record, this a simple accountant in practices could do it
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Re: Chillingo approved or what?

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I want to see official answer from an EA representative.  Were are they all hiding 

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Re: Chillingo approved or what?

EA Community Manager

Hi @Okydokyone,


We've banned players in the past and will continue to investigate and take action against players that break the Terms of Service, which includes players that attempt to take advantage of the things you see advertised in Iron Force Facebook groups and other places.


If you do come across any suspicious players in game, please let the support team know via the link below:




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Re: Chillingo approved or what?

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this is absolutely normal. it is everywhere and in any game
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