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Re: Champions tournament a joke

by xMegaTank

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Champions tournament a joke

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Champions tournament is a joke.

unless you have a maxed out serp you not going to win nothing. It let's those with the biggest tanks hold their advantage over all other tanks.

so the winners will be those who least need the new tanks way to go what a farce you have made this game


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Re: Champions tournament a joke

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Whoever designed this tournament should be fired.


My entire legion will not play due to; once again; complete unfair matches.


2 s vulps and 2 Pavo against Max serp, Max s mono and max cent




why even advertise tournament for T 4


If EA designed Madden football if teams lost 80-0 nobody would play


Ea better get control of this cluster-uck of a game designer.

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Re: Champions tournament a joke

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I must agree, the matchups are a joke. They are extremely one sided matchs, I've won , but only when going into a battle with a max serp and max cent from my legion. Which is SnS BTW. And it does seem like a joke that the only people to get the trophy for the new tank, will be serp owners. The people fighting for these tanks are non serp owners and have no chance of winning. Better matchups please. How about this, if you don't bring a serp with you into battle, then you don't have to fight one? Same with cents and fornax. T4 vs T4 , I guess that's too much to ask for though. I love this game and I did buy a new Sag, but man, these and most all matchups are horrible.

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Re: Champions tournament a joke

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Nothing has changed.  Joke tourney.  It’s basically a gem sink, zero return.  Staying out and let them stroke each other big barrels. What a farce. Time to uninstall the game for good.

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