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Re: Cepheus

by Haysi70

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What has happened to the Cepheus since the update? The back of the tank looks so blocky since the update. It looks like it is pixelated. Surely it’s not meant to look like that?

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Re: Cepheus

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I like it
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Re: Cepheus

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I don't. I prefer the 'before' model. It looked a lot more polished
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Re: Cepheus

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It seems that only iOS has the pixel issue. Please sort it out. I've enclosed a picture from the android version

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Re: Cepheus

EA Community Manager

Hi @Haysi70,


I've just checked on my iPhone 6 and it looks normal, i think this could be down to a corrupted download, although it is very strange that it's only effected a small part on the back of the Cepheus.


Best thing to try is a reinstall, just in case it is a dodgy download, if you're still seeing it like this after a reinstall just let me know your device and OS version and ill get it looked into.




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Re: Cepheus

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@EA_DaveRF10 there was a graphic download pushed out today which corrected the issue so once again Chillingo must have been aware of the issue. This occurred on android and iOS 

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