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Re: Canis

by Haysi70

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Re: Canis

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10 k in Gems? After you unlock the trophy from Empior Wars.     Some one Please post a SS of the 10 k gems thanks.

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Re: Canis

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I don’t understand how they got the trophy so quick that’s what makes it hard to believe it was above board and fair.
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Re: Canis

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Yeh smells fishy to me, 6 tickets to play one round 3 times a day form 3 days by one locked tank in a spacifice territory. (note I sad one locked tank) get the trophy so I got to read the rules and rewards again.

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Re: Canis

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Hi Dave,

For the Empire War Cup, in game mentioned that player got 200 victory point, legion got 5000 victory points for get the Empire War Cup, but at the end of season, just few legion got this Cup (people rumor that top 5 or top 3 legion), please explain about this matter, tks you

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Re: Canis

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Not 10000 gems... Regular 11000 gems! That is a joke Tank as the chepeus is also a joke! Sorry EA think we are stupid! trust me and save your diamonds because it really is not worth it... 

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Re: Canis

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Never fear the cheats already have the tank out on the field



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Re: Canis

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Anybody own this tank? Can't win spinarama, is this one worth owning?

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