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Bring back the interface of the good old v1.8.7

by QiangIF

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Bring back the interface of the good old v1.8.7

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I hate the current interface brought in with v1.9.1 and v1.9.2. It sucks.



1. The two aiming arcs hurt players' eyes. The old aiming mechanism is much easier for the eyes. And when the loading is finished, we heard a clicking sound, which is absent in the new version.

2. The in-battle respawning screen doesn't record how many barrels of fuel you have in your loot, while the old interface does.

3. The whole interface looks like cartoon, which is not always a selling point.

4. The leaderboard cash collecting is also an eye-strain with the new interface.


Please bring back the good old interface of v1.8.7 at any cost, either in the form of themes or skins.

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Re: Bring back the interface of the good old v1.8.7

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I dont have a problem with the interface except that it is easy to mix up the mine and the nitro buttons.

I like that they are both on the right side, but I think the Nitro button should be Blue and the mine should be Green (or Red)

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