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by PANIKOunstopable

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Hello IF managers.


Playing this epic game from 2014. You can call me a veteran.


In all this years never see something like this. The game is threaten by AUTO-BOTS called cheat. We had so many cheats before, most of them finished with CHILLINGOs intervention, but this is more destructive that others. Auto-bots made the regular tourney a joke. All top100 legions (almost) has one to nine(!) auto-bots inside. It deforms the championship but, and this is worst, is making team mode option and empty mode, i mean, the probability to find humans in this mode is very little because most of the more active players are playing with their fake tanks.


This way the regular players, who only want to have fun with good battles, are always confronting bots on team mode. This is boring like hell.


My fellow CHILLINGO mangers, avoid auto-bots. Not only because is killing the fun, because is bad for your business. Some Ukrainian mafia are making money with this (they also sell gems (?). and you do nothing... Why should buy patterns and paint for my tank? to play constantly with boring bots? to play only league, empire wars and  Cepheus championship?


Hope new releases include any vaccine against this illness. 


If you still care and believe in IRON Force ... make it happen. Forbide Auto-bots..


Thanks. PANIKO

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Re: Autobots

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Just so you know, there is no performance advantage with an auto bot. Once upon a time, they offered players an easier matchup, but EA has corrected that and it is no longer the case.   If anything, it may offer a slight cash advantage to those who want to play a team match but don’t have another player available.

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Re: Autobots

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Dear Bunny:

You really believe those words? If advantage is only about some amount of cash... why most powerful legions have 5 to 9 autobots, payed every week to Ukrainian mafias with real money ? IF they don´t take advantage in points why did they prefer to have 5 hidrus than 5 strong T6 in their legions?

Yes they take advantage, and you know how, avoiding direct confrontation with human made legions (is why they usually leave the game as they found some opposition), they take advantage having one less bot or human in their team, they take advantage because most of the battles are against bots.... But is not they points they win that concerns me, as i said before is this attitude that is making real team mode legion battles, human Vs Human battles, more rare and difficult to happen.

I already played in a legion with autobots, i know how they make a several distortion of the spirit of the competition... Some misery players even don´t want to integrate legions without autobots... Dont tell me fairy tales.... Thanks Bunny.
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