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Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

by gude2018

Original Post

Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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We all know it takes capital to run a massive app as iron force.  We all know its a pay to play “dickmeasuringcontest” weekend wallet warrior game.


What  your overlooking is no one in their right mind is going to invest in a one sided battle just so you can dominate the game.  We the .”non investing players as you call us, thank you cash cows for spending hundreds and thousands of euros to fund the game so we can play.  We just dont play the childish battles with autobots inorder to win at all cost or all the time 24/7 to be in the top 100, that wound be moronic.  That’s not playing, that shows no skill at all.  By yourself on the battle field you cant win, and thats pathetic and you just skews the turniments and and special game offers to were no one wants to play or buy in game items because its a waste of money, and no fun.


We generally get around you extremist players,   except when you battle in the turniments like LoL, or Champions, and now the Empior wars territoy III, by simply not wasting fuel in them.   You have ruinend the game for your own selfish reasons. And EW will fall to the way side as did World Conflect did 2 years ago.


So it dosent take a rocket scientest or some nutty professor to figure out who's side Iron force favorers for obvious reasons, $$$$$$$$$.  We just adjust!  There are more of us than you, you will not win in the end, but you will pay the cost to keep the game running and we thank you for that. But the autobots have got to go

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Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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oh my god djt. you do not even understand what you write. you are always a smart-*, you have to make any unqualified contribution to any topic. probably for you to rise faster on ea.answers in rank. that is also a certain kind of cheat :-)))) such players as you are always the first in any legion that can not get enough of driving with autobots. If you had the possibility to program your own autobot, you would do it immediately. For that I bet my underpants. it is also here as in real life. there are some who make their contribution to one thing and then there are the parasites who only want to take advantage of it. you probably belong to those too. This is called asocial. Big players do not need to play autobots, but it's good if there are some that you can use when you need them. otherwise it makes the good mix. Sometimes I only drive DM for days because I want to compete with others in the fight. but sometimes i just want to quietly make my rounds and score points. and we are not talking about sts Luk here. he plays in another world and I am convinced that he is doing something in common with chillingo. There was, or is also a group of the top 100 players who were in constant communication with chillingo, or still standing. These people were allowed to test new tanks, for example, before they were brought into the game. chillingo has come up with proposals to improve the game, and so on, without those people and the people who invest in this game Iron Force would not exist anymore. and you could keep playing angry birds or something else. Unfortunately, chillingo does not do a good job for a long time and will lose more and more players. abolish the autobots and many more people will stop playing. I'm convinced that so many players will not continue to play Iron Force, that chillingo can no longer maintain the operation to continue to bring such parasites as you through the game for free.
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Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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and for you dude. IF is a pay to win game. Anyone who wants to join in should do so without being condemned by others. You have no idea what you're talking about. and you have no idea how much money there is. in the top legions it is partly about more money than you can ever win in the casino :-))) there are players or legions who earn more through the game every week than you earn in the whole year. virtuspro for example was sponsored by a major investor for a while. and it's not about 100 €, but amounts in the 5-digit range. Sparta as well. whole legions are sold for $ 50,000 to over $ 100,000. paydriver or their managers get around $ 100 or even more for 1,000,000 points. etc. etc. etc.
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Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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What sad sad people that would spend that kind of money on this stupid game. Money that could be spent to help our fellow man but is instead spent on this rather poorly run ,very unrealistic game.  Basically it is digital bumper cars played with 2013 graphics. How sad it would be to come to the end of your life and proudly look back and claim that you were in the top 100 in Iron Force, what a waste of a life.

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Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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And we have SERVER MAINTENANCE to contend with daily
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Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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Well they are not gettng their moneis worth by a long shot.

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Betreff: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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What Most People tend to forget: there are so many people so rich they just do Not care about 10.000 or 50.000€. From the Point of view of Most Players Spending 100€ per month on an iPad Game seems ridicoulous. But from some people perspectives 1000€ per month is just Pocket change.... 

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Re: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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I do not like autobots because they give an infair advantage. The big thing now though is players are using T5S, centarus and even cehpus as autobots. Best thing to do is not to allow any tanks to leave battles once they have joined. The autobots will then become stationary targets and the advantage will be gone.
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Re: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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Time for another AutoBot purge EADave !! 

The pathetic CHEATERS just don’t give up.

Photo was just taken.

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Re: AutoBots are going to kill Iron Force

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-Steppi, It’s ok that we disagree, but I know exactly what I am talking about and I’m only interested in the obvious and the verifiable.

I have no interest in the “poor rich boy” stories related to the sponsoring or purchasing of entire Legions. That notion just blows my mind ..... and I cannot even fanthom an explanation that would justify it. This is a Silly Game with NO MONETARY REWARDS. Even bragging rights of being the #1 Legion in Iron Force mean NOTHING IN THE REAL WORLD. .... Let me state it for you in another way: your ranking in this game MEANS NOTHING TO THE REAL WORLD !


The fact is the CHEATING will never stop. If you take away AutoBots people will still continue to use manual Drop / Bait tanks. The only difference in the two is that the Low-Life HACKERS who own / rent AutoBots are “STEALING” money w their product where as cheaters that manually use Drop / Bait tanks do so at a cost because now, each and every one of them are forced to invest in a second device and maintain two Iron Force accounts.

-The headaches of setting w manual Drop / Bait Tanks have lead to the development of these AutoBots by low-life “vultures” that pray on the weak.


There was a comment made earlier by DADtiger1 that said “Give us a choice, the one who wants to play with real players let him play, who wants to ride and kill the bots let it do it.”

-Ok, fine ... one Big problem there: the two are forced to play against each other. There is no segregation between the cheaters and the regular players. If the cheaters were only pitted against other cheaters the problem would be solved and the normal players would not be affected. Since this is unrealistic ... the AutoBots must be purged !


Why give your money to the low-life Hackers ..... Iron Force has plenty of attributes than can be purchased to increase your tanks power on the battlefield and give you the “edge” in the game. Let your skill on the battlefield determine your status on the Leaderboards... not your wallet !


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