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by rupicupi

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Hi EA,


The new type Auriga tank is almost undefeated. You have make it so strong that no one can fight againts. I've got an almost maxed cepheus with top paint and afterglow on, but it is no macht against Auriga. Please do something. Auriga is a trophy tank, hard to obtain while most now have cepheus or serpens, pleae amend their strength, in both directions, no matter how you choose

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Re: Auriga

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Admins, is anything being done about this. At this point if you see an Auriga tank on the field you know you are going to lose. 

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Re: Auriga

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Safe to assume nothing is going to be done..

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Re: Auriga

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The auriga you get from shards but the cep you need to win it for a cup but yet it’s the weakest tank you serous need to strengthen this tank up more attack and amor like the auriga you putting a trophy tank that the cep and you now have weakening it so why should guys go into for that tank when it’s not good enough 

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