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Auriga- False advertisement

by SufiSam7

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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Naked Aurigo ...2167x2+682=5016+867(after 5 hit 40%)=5883

75pattern aurigo....

Naked saggita....

75pattern sagita ...

If Aurigo including pattern...
(Presently pattern NOT included )
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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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Typing error .. haha
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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

★★★★ Novice

Ali what is the max damage caused by auriga  max with critical with and without paint?

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

★★★★ Novice

Dave is quiet!!! He will not solve this problem. EA will not solve our problem! We have to write to Iron Force creators. But I think its like you said guys...we paid money they are happy and thats all...they dont care that they cheated us! Our money are gone! We are wasting our time with trying to get help from EA support.

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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Hello Dave 

any news about Auriga?? All players are complaining and nobody is acting or listening. It is that how you treat your customers!!!!! We have the right to be treated as gentlemen not as ....

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

★★★★ Novice

Hello brother
auriga attack without paint 2167 (5016) with scoup lasser teq
with the boost after 5 hits the attack will 866 more
5016 + 866 = 5882

with paint 75 attack 2167 + 533 = 2700 ( 6082 )
and with boost after 5 hits 6082+866 = 6948

This is without afterglow

Stander fire speed 13.7
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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

AFTER 5 hits the Attack power still lose to sagita first shot .. what a joke !!!!

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

EA Community Manager

Hi Guys,


The decision has been made to not alter the stats of the Auriga at this time, however we'll keep collecting your feedback on this and possibly look at making changes in a future update.


For now, the tool tip has been changed to make it clearer, it now reads:


'Active Defence: When hit, damage reduced 6%(Max:30%), attack increased 8% (Max:40%) until killed.'




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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

★★★★ Novice

Ok sounds good if every max. 30% damge reduced increase max. 40% it mean I lose 60% from defense I will get 80% to attack.

Right guys?

It would be much better because if I get max. 40% to attack until I die its not much because max. Auriga attack is very very weak compare Cepheus or Saggita.So max. 40% attack until I die is not much if pattern decals will don't count this attack increase.

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

★★★ Newbie

I do not think it is okay because defense goes up 6% and attack 8% with each hit. I haven't survived past 4 hits from Cygnus and Serpens. 


If at least the firespeed was increased or Armour was increased so we can at least survive 5 hits. Or better yet. make 30%/40% after 2 hits.


Also, before I got the Auriga, I was getting decent amount of Cygnus shards, but then after winning the Auriga, I barely get any Cygnus Shards. Seems like they programmed the "lottery" to not give Cygnus shards once Auriga is won, so the player has to spend the same amount of real money used to get the Auriga to get the Cygnus.


Yes, I understand this is all a scam to get more money from players, but do you have to go THAT low with creating a piece of * Auriga tank? 


At least allow those that got the Auriga to trade in for the Cygnus or Serpens + gems or something.

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