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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

by tyxinhe

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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Sorry. didn't finished my last post.




Okay, now I am done.

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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Yes at least make the boost gone max after 2 hits

This is the last time i spend for new tank I will never make same mistake

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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I agree with you.I wanted Cygnus too but since they added Canis and Auriga in game lottery spin wheel always gave me shards for auriga only.No more Cygnus.I wanted cygnus...there is nothing to complain about cygnus.But Auriga is really piece of sh*t!If i can trade Auriga for Cygnus I would be very happy because it looks like nobody will ever change something about Auriga and make this tank best in game like it looks like.Auriga act like best tank with best combat strenght, but it is not best by far!It is maybe 5th best tank in Iron Force game....but for 1000USD!!!! What a joke guys!!!

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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There is only one thing I hate more than the Auriga...


It is the people who made the Auriga.


This game is made by scammers, and dishonest people.  They know that if you have $1000 to spend on the game...then you have more than $1000 to spend on the game.  If you are a spender, they will trick and scam you as best they can.  


The developers don't care about this game...they care about getting cash from your pockets.   Give up the game now.  Play another game made by another company.

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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I hope Donald Trump puts a tariff on this game!  Or at least a tariff on the programmers for this game.


LoL...they deserve it and so much more so they can loose money because of this we all have.

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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After 5 years playing in this game I will retire from this silly lagi game and go to another less spend game
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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

[ Edited ]
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My Ex-Girlfriend must be a programmer at Shillingo...because she too is a scammer, cheater, liar & overall tricky person.  If she doesn't work at Shillingo yet, they should hire her, because she is a great liar, con artist, and overall bad person.


Hire her Shillingo.


Oh Yah...and she also doesn't know how to program at just like all the other developers.  Trust me...she is just like the rest of you guys.


Cool Fish = Rotten Fish.   It smells like rotten fish around here.  Stinky

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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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Hello Dave 

it s very sad for all of us to hear this Frown((

we are very disappointed 

auriga doesn’t deserve to be at the top and it s very weak comparing to other tanks

we were expecting you guys to give us back our right and what we payed for

but unfortunately nothing happened till now 



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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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EA, give us our money back and take your Aurigas back or change all auriga's attributes or trade our Aurigas for Cygnus.

Sorry Dave but you on behalf EA sports did minimum about this problem!Try to think about it that customers paid money!Much money!Customers make your games sale and make you money!

You just wrote to Coolfish games and told them about complaining customers.Dave you have to unedrstand that we all are right and you have to push hard on coolfish games and push until they will have no arguments and say yes!..Auriga was really mistake because auriga must be best tank!Trust me auriga is not best by far with that active defence what coolfish think is very big benefit.

Or give us their support e-mail and we write them trust me!


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Re: Auriga- False advertisement

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Agree 100% with you ferero
Dave do something we need your help
The boosts max after 5 hits give me a break!!! How can we stand with 5 hits
Even the boosts max still weak tank only the defense not doing anything front serpens shot
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