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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

by Haysi70

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Another Cepheus Isue

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Now that the graphics on the Cepheus has been corrected another issue has been noticed. I’m not sure if I’m the only one but the tank is firing lots of blanks compared to other tanks. A fair deal of shots fail to register even at point blank. If I go back to my Centaurus I have no such issues. Is anyone else having or noticed the issue?

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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

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I have the same problem.
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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

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why is AE team not interested in this issue? After the last update my cepheus is no longer enjoying. Please fix this annoying problem.
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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

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ı have same problem

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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

★ Guide
First two shots out of cent are blanks also just shoot wall and wait for reload than it works til you die then again first two shots are duds
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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

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This game is a dud  now 

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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

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It certainly looks like it. The only reason these crates came out was to get you to part with your cash.
The only good thing with update was the new map. The old issues still haven't been addressed. Lag is still present and the matchups are still shocking but we still come back for more.
The end certainly can't be far away
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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

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I don’t own a Cepheus tank myself, but a weaker T5 tank! 


The only problem I can see with the Cepheus tank is the drivers and owners.


The tanks are not shooting blanks, its the drivers ?


On the battlefield, I find that the majority of Cepheus drivers appear to be spineless, and have no bottle in fights!


Does this tell you anything about the personality in real life of that individual, it’s a thought !


Yes the Cepheus tank owners, may be in their big bulky superior tank on the field, but why do Cepheus drivers feel the need to run away from lower graded tanks.




SERP owners that means you as well, I can see you hiding being that wall, come out and fight you Wally!



Cepheus drivers even though in the far most superior tank on the battlefield have to be painted and decorated to the hilt, and run around collecting all the drops, so they have an even more advantage to destroy little weaker tanks.


The Cepheus owners, run away like the life depends on not being killed, they just can’t stand or tolerate being killed. it’s unthinkable!


Ohhh I can’t be killed by smaller tanks, Boo Hoo!


They run and they hide to avoid being killed by lower grade tanks, why is t that?


I am sure you my friend are not like that, and that you are a brave sole in your Cepheus BIGGGG tank!


But at the next tank meeting you attend at the BIG CEPHEUS TANK Appreciation event, tell your fellow Cepheus tank owners, your tank is bigger and better than the rest, SO DON’T RUN, stand still and fight!


Dont wobble from side to side, stand still and fight like a man or woman, can’t be sexist!


It really OK to be killed, it’s only a game or is it ?


So don’t take offence, it’s just an observation from a fellow IronForce tank driver!


I will be seeing you !!

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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

EA Community Manager

Hi Guys,


Is there any sort of pattern to the blanks being fired like @john4876 has reported? I dont have a Ceph on the Live servers so any more information on this would be appreciated, especially a video of the blanks being fired if possible.




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Re: Another Cepheus Isue

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My max S-Pavo is gathering Dust...and ever since the update I haven't played one game.  Haven't seen the new map, the Empire Wars.  ETC.


Just like a Bad Girlfriend....once they've screwed with you too many dump 'em.

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