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Re: All Trophy tanks became a joke in Iron Force especially Serpens.

by xMegaTank

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All Trophy tanks became a joke in Iron Force especially Serpens.

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Hi Chillingo,

Hope you are making good profits with the L.Orion sales. I am not against your money making policies. Loot all the wealth you can but you should show some courtesy to those players who earn a trophy tank.

With the recent tanks(Auriga, L.canis, L.Orion) that are launched in the arms dealer. You are forcing players not to participate in the event for trophy tanks cause even though they get a trophy tank they will be unable to compete against the shard tanks.


Just take the case of Serpens,Earlier It was everyone's dream to get it, It takes a tank running 24/7 with full paint and after glow for a whole week to unlock serpens. Same goes for cephues and Canis and now Orion. Canis is the biggest mistake if anyone bought it. even tough you tweaked it still it is almost equal to a sagitta.


Comedy thing is that people still complaining to make Auriga more stronger because they spent a ton of cash on it.

My point is how long are you going to entertain only the Wallet warriors ???
You don't want to encourage the real players who are playing your game since its beginning ?


I am not asking you to downgrade Auriga or L.orion & any other Shard tank. What I am requesting you is to make the trophy tanks competitive to the shard tanks so that players don't loose the interest in playing this game.

Already I see only 1-2 players only going for a serpens run, Same is the case with cepheus also.

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Re: All Trophy tanks became a joke in Iron Force especially Serpens.

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T7 tanks are inevitable due to their revenue strategy. There are far too many T6 selection. Having said that, investment into a T6 now is....risky.

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Re: All Trophy tanks became a joke in Iron Force especially Serpens.

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The SAGITTA costs 9000 gems to buy and 190 million game $ to max, similar to shard and trophy monsters. So, it should be in par with shard and trophy tanks, right? Stats are also impressive too. BUT its NO match at all for trophy tanks and shard tanks. Why? without the scope, its no use at all. Very slow and sluggish firing speed becomes even slower when battling against shard and trophy tanks. Since of lately, even the Cent seems to have become stronger than Sagitta. With afterglow and paint, its ok, but there's always a stronger shard or trophy tank to spoil that.


The Sagitta is only good for a smashing bots without paint FULL STOP 

Please improve the Sagitta or just make it half the cost to buy and max. Its just so unfair. 


The Shard tank owners will have only bots to shoot at very soon. If nothing happen's to improve the Sagitta, I'm out too. 

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