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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

by fattypeng1233

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AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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I have an Auriga tank. The 40 attack calculation is not working correct anymore. It did at first, but it is no longer. If the attack is 1000 the damage is 2000 at 0 percent.  At 40 percent increase should produce 2800 in damage. Is this correct?  This is for the android version. I have almost 2000 in attack and it produces only 4550 in damage at the 40 percent level. This is very disappointing.. I play android. 


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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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The tank increase rapidly . 8 % per hit . Base on naked Attack power ( excluding pattern u bought )
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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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Naked Attack data X2 +682 ( laser tech )+naked data x ( 8%?....40%) =what u got
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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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The 40 percent is misleading because the damage it produces is on what the the percentage of the attack. For example, 1000 attack produces 2000 damage. The 40percent only will produce 400 damage which is 40 percent of the atack. Which produces a damage shot of 2400. It's really sad, the marketing should be 20 percent increase.
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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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Welcome to the club and congratulations for buying the famous Auriga 🤣🤣🤣🤣

this tank got the best CS, and this tank is on the top of iron force t6 tanks but

this tank has a lower attack than serpen Cepheus and even Sagitta 

has a lower firespeed than Cepheus and Cygnus 

this tank is a joke and they refuse to fix it.

congratulations again 


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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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If you read iftuc and knew limitations, why did you all buy it? Just because it was last in line of T6

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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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When you adverstise 40 percent attack, you assume is means double in damage as what a pattern attack does. Again, the 40 percent attack is really a 20 percent attack pattern.  Cool fish should adjust the advertising and make current owners whole or make the tank what it's supposed to be.  

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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

[ Edited ]
★★★ Guide

For now, the tool tip has been changed to make it clearer, it now reads:


'Active Defence: When hit, damage reduced 6%(Max:30%), attack increased 8% (Max:40%) until killed.'



key words here are “MAX”.  6%-  30% and 8% - 40%.    And that refers to a maxed tank,  low end 8% Maxed high end 40%,  



now recalculate your tank, it’s even worse than what you calculated.  Based on your level of upgrade.  Even if your tanks is full blown upgraded, still a rip off.   Who can stay alive long enough to even take advantage of this, is beyond me.  





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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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They knew it . But refuse to fix it .
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Re: AURIGA 40 percent Attack

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What is the *?!! I just owned one from spin, cannot imagine what to support me down the road to max its power?? CHILLINGO please respond.
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