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The weapon master interceptor build

by Adrenaliz3

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The weapon master interceptor build

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I got bored really fast of my melee interceptor build I posted a few days ago, so I tried a different interceptor build and found theres alot of options available for this build, it feels more engaging also, then smashing dodge melee over and over


So there's a few ways to play this build but the core of the build stays the same, you can play either melee/close range, medium range/my favorite, hovering or far range,



Inscription/stats required, 65% + max shield, 25%+ Max Armor, 125% + weapon damage, 20% + crit damge, 


Then as much any All jav % damage, All jav physical damage, Shield -% delay, 




Ruthless stalker, increase weapon damage by 60% for 20 sec and hits hard




sanadeen's respite, close to medium range, restore shield 25% on hit,


Shadow claw, easy to use all range, procs way of integration cause it hits multiple times and short cooldown, 30% increase damage for 5 second


Tempest strike, optional



Required components: 


Elusive talisman, increase weapon damage, dodging 3x reloads weapons


Veageance matrix, increase damage by 50%


Survival algorithm, increase shield by 35%


Way of salvage, increase damage when picking up ammo 


Way of integration, increase damage by 30% when u hit 2x with a gear/ability


Then rest is up to you, 


Weapon of your choosing. 
















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Re: The weapon master interceptor build

★★★★ Novice

I like the build will have to try it out.


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