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Spark an electric Interceptor bulid

by gamingalife

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Spark an electric Interceptor bulid

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Disclaimer:  A very dynamic build requires lots of movement but is very flashy, running with a Storm and Colossus team with voice coms, on GM2 farm. (pre 1.0.3) This build will destroy on GM1 no problem and work very good on GM2 without coms. I have about 90 hours played of that around 85 hours on the Interceptor, 690 gear score.




  • Primary, ELEMENTAL RAGE - Veteran's Furor: Hitting Elite enemies increases all elemental damage by _% for _ seconds. Stacks to _. 
    • Keep the buff us as much as pos, once at 20 stacks one hit on elite or higher refreshes all 20 stacks
  • Anything with good stats I currently have an LMG that gives me 100% shields. I, currently, treat this as a stat stick slot.



  • RANERI'S CHARGE (RC) - Defeating an enemy recharges Spark Dash. Can occur once every _ seconds
    • +100% charges or more than +100% elemental dmg I would aim for at least 150%
    • I have +100% charges on this, you can spam it a lot, as it resets all charges. Insanely mobile and the charge staggers enemies.
  • CARIFF'S TALON (CT) - Instantly restores _% health after defeating an enemy. 
    • +100% charges or more than +100% elemental dmg I would aim for at least 150%
    • I have +100% charges on this



Look for elemental, electric, melee % dmg. Effect resist is nice too to avoid 


    • Increases electricity damage, electricity resistance, and gear cooldown speed.
    • Performing a small melee hit-streak (_) detonates an electric explosion.
    • Increases Interceptor melee damage by 10%.
    • Dashing increases melee damage by _% for _ seconds.
    • Increases all damage dealt by 50% and damage taken by -25%.
    • On low health, all damage is increased by _% for _ seconds.
    • Increases aura-combo pulse strength by 40%.
    • Defeating an enemy with a melee restores _% armor.
    • Increases strike system damage by 10%.

    • Any _ hit increases _ damage by _% for _ seconds.

    • Increases assault system damage by 5%.
    • Any _ hit increases _ damage by _% for _ seconds.



Beacon, Charge up Elemental Rage RC in, prime with CT, melee detonate, prime CT again, keep melee. Dash out and charge back in, rinse and repeat. Keep buffs up as much as possible. You have to move a LOT.


On GM1 most lower end enemies are one-shotted by your skills, DT explosion will kill groups of enemies.


On GM2 if you time CT you can deal heavy dmg with the on death explosion, if you have +% charges you can chain the explosions if you apply charges on different enemies.




  • Know what each enemy type does and how to approach them this build works vs everything if you know when to dodge.
  • For now, I stack % elemental damage, shield, armor affixes, % dmg,
  • DO NOT get gun damage, you use the gun only to maintain the % buff to melee.
  • Try to time the CT so that it triggers on death.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can provide detailed stats on the items later today, my current items have affixes that are far from ideal.


Originally posted as a reply here:

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Re: Spark an electric Interceptor bulid

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★★★★★ Novice

One of my builds is almost identical but I don't use +shields stats or Elemental Rage.

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