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My Favorite Interceptor Build

by AlbinoNinja2k

Original Post

My Favorite Interceptor Build

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★★★★ Novice

Assault System: Spark Dash (Lightning Melee)


Strike System: Detonating Strike (Primer Lightning Melee)


Support System: Target Beacon (33% Damage Bonus)



Double Edged Inscription (35% Damage Dealt, 35% Damage Taken)

Shield Reinforcement

Armor Reinforcement

Battle Inscription (25% Weapon Damage)

Blade Insription (10% Melee Damage)

Conductivity Augment (20% Electricity Damage, Resistance, and Gear Cooldown Speed)



Shield Sigil (Shield Regen and Max Shields)

Gear Sigil (Gear Cooldown Speed)

Lightning Sigil (Lightning Damage & Resistance)



Fulcrum (machine pistol)

Deadeye (long range sniper)


Basically a heavy lightning/melee build. Any bonuses you can get for speed take it. This build uses max speed. This build is built for constant movement and high speed hit-and-runs. You are zipping around the battlefield dealing aoe and single-target damage and constantly have lightning aura on. The perfect build for taking on large groups of enemies, and still usable for legendary units.


Downside is it does not do max damage vs. boss types. But that is what the sniper rifle is for. It helps the lack of range while providing large weapon damage against people it is too risky to be close to. Or if an objective is keeping you in a confined space.


The Shield Sigil in the consumables and Shield and Armor Reinforcement in components is meant to offset Double Edged Inscription (35%+ damage dealt, 35%+ damage taken). But at higher difficulties (higher than Hard) I can see replacing the Lightning Sigil for an Armor Sigil.


Normally when you end a match you should get Artillery and sometimes Executioner playstyle.


Any thoughts?

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Re: My Favorite Interceptor Build

★★★★ Novice

Been working on a build.

thought I had a very awesome build while grinding grand master 1..

then steeped into grand master 2 and I am getting the beat down.


so looking for any helpful tips.

I do have question.. with the mods that give a bonus damage, like you listed... the -35% damage? What does it do? 

Is 35% weaker, or 35% reduction on incoming damage?


my issue with the interceptor build on harder difficulties is getting in the fray and doing what we do best. 


I have been focusing on is health regen or shield regen perks. 


It works great with a skilled storm by combining their ability to hit a large group of ads and allowing me to get my combos going.. this is beyond a blast to play..


I am still too new of a noob to list all my mods by name, but I use the electrified light attack, the heavy melee swing, the, what I like to call, the missile to fly into my group.


i am mainly still full of masterwork mods though..


the leveling in this game deserves some mad props. They did a fantastic job for a player like me. Punishing enough to force a player to use all mods, but scales fast enough to constantly feel like I am improving.


great read/build

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Re: My Favorite Interceptor Build

★★ Apprentice

Screenshot (7).pngScreenshot (9).png



Way of the Bold (Leg)

Conductive Lattice (MW)

Vengeance Matrix (MW)

Way of Integration (MW)

Way of the Swift (Leg)

Way Of Resolve (MW)


Weapons: Unending Battle (MW) , Death From Above (Leg)

Assault system: Serpents Veil (MW)  Strike System: Sudden Death (Leg)




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Re: My Favorite Interceptor Build

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★★★★ Novice

@NoDe31 I'm not even there yet dude 😅 you're farther along than I am.


@rudero1973 Since I started going on grandmaster I have changed some things.


Double Edged Inscription let you deal 35% more damage, but you also take 35% more damage from enemies. So it is high risk, but high reward. I know they aren't very clear in the game about how it works, but this is how. But this component makes you too squishy in grandmaster.


I have changed that out with Interceptor Combo Augment. Since this build heavily uses combo with electric, it made sense to modify it for maximum combo aura damage. This helps me maximize my aoe damage mixed with Detonating Strike which sets targets up as an electric bomb.


Spark Dash will help you get right where you need to be very quickly, but the key is that you can't be taking damage when you use it. For the second or two of charge you are very vulnerable to damage. Wait for a second for your group members to engage, then use Spark Dash to get in there fast, then deal aoe damage with Detonating Strike and electric aura from combo. Between that use weapon or melee as you see fit.

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Re: My Favorite Interceptor Build

★★ Apprentice

With male build its best to go with acid bomb(all its versions) and tepest strike (all its versions)... Easy to play, Insane Combo+ pure power of tempest DMG, and with some cooldown reduction you have your abilities 100% uptime...

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Re: My Favorite Interceptor Build

★★★★ Novice

Thanks for sharing the info/tips.


what you described is exactly what is wrong with my approach... I’m going in like “Leeroy Jenkins” and having to say “I’m down” if I do not get a kill that will start keeping my health regen-ing.


i am loving my build, now I just need to reward my build with a team.


the thing is, and I am not bashing here, but the weapons are very punishing to use. Too much so that it drastically slows down the game.


it should not take 3+ minutes to take a turret down due to everything on the map starts shootings at your direction.


what this game needs is a healer build and weapons with a little more power.

it really takes away from the game per pacing.

with matchmaking, it can be very punishing to the pacing if my chosen class is the interceptor.


once again, I appreciate the info.

if I notice anything that brings something to the table, I’ll share here.

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Re: My Favorite Interceptor Build

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★★★★ Novice

@OP Why do you even run the shield and armor reinforcement? Unless they have good enscriptions, the interceptor specific components give the same amount as shields/armor as the reinforcement components, and also give extra armor/shields.

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