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My Boring Melee/Ultimate/Dodge Build

by Adrenaliz3

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My Boring Melee/Ultimate/Dodge Build

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if you want a tank melee only interceptor you should be chasing the fallowing stats, Max Armor% min 50% - 85% for GM 1 and 85%+ GM2, you don't need any Shield Stats, then the only stats that matters are Jav Dmg %, Physical Jav Dmg%, Melee Dmg% and Ultimate DMG%, 


component wise I would recommend


Way of the Bold, gives 20% armor every time you kill an enemy with melee

Vengeance Matrix, 50% more damage, and on low Health an extra 25%, that's when you should pop your ultimate

Conductive Lattice, lower's cooldown and increase melee damage

Way of Resolve, Increase melee damage slightly and by 40% for 10 sec when you dodge


then there's 2x slot left of your choice, what I personally use


Symbiotic Surge, Increases my Armor further more, plus everytime you pick up an armor pack it increases your damage by 50% for 10 sec


Emergency Power, Buff your ultimate and can use it more frequently


Assault, doesn't matter I like the Dashing one charge to enemies faster


Strike, Viper's Bite, 700% ultimate charge per enemies hit, you will get your ultimate super fast, plus it primes enemies for acid aura


Gameplay, Beacon, Viper's Bite on Cooldown until ultimate is charge fully, then just dodge melee dodge melee dodge melee dodge melee lol you get it,

you get in trouble pop your ultimate and with vengeance matrix will do 25% more dmg


you will get your ultimate super fast, don't be scared of wasting it

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Re: My Boring Melee/Ultimate/Dodge Build

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Even though the vulnerability when the shield is down annoys the hell out of me I never thought of going armor instead even though it is the logical thing to do. Thank you for enlightening me Standard smile
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