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Re: Lower Cariff's Talon cooldown please

by gamingalife

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Lower Cariff's Talon cooldown please

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First off I love the restore health effect.

Sadly, its not very helpful in higher Grandmaster content since the gear cooldown is too long. Not to mention that it takes a few secs before the target detonates for damage so this really doesn't help us much for survival at all.

It would really improve the interceptor concept of "Get in, Get out fast!" combat theme.

I know this is a long shot but it would benefit all of us freelancers if this gear has a recharge of around 8 or so. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you guys (devs) would try and consider this plea. 



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Re: Lower Cariff's Talon cooldown please

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First of all reroll, Carif is elemental the physical dmg does not work with it. Try to get extra charges if you want to spam it more, if you want more dmg look for elemental dmg.


I prefer the charges since that allows to castit multiple times and chain combos of the explosions from death. 

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