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Re: Interceptor suggestion

by Moosani

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Interceptor suggestion

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. Generally i like my interceptor but we need some changes about ulti. Spaming melee sometimes getting boring and cant do any damage against to most of bosses in stronghold. We need better or different ultimate. Or let us use our abilities while ultimate. I would like to use my Q and E.

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Re: Interceptor suggestion

★★★★ Novice

My issue with the ultimate is that the damage doesn't feel like it scales and with creatures like titans it is useless except to revive downed party members. Interceptor melee needs a little attention beyond the change to the auras because there are times where it feels like I am just dishing out paper-cut level damage to the enemies.


I do wish it had a bit more speed. It is passed off as the most agile javelin and in the trailer you see it swoop in a save someone, Yet flying and running is the same pace as the other javelins. Granted I can dodge quicker, but that doesn't matter when a scar is using a machine gun spread and can magically hit you behind cover.

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