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Interceptor Ultimate with ability

by B0runor

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Interceptor Ultimate with ability

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When I first started the game I found the Interceptor Ulti really powerful. God mode + increase dmg of all my melee hit.

But now, later in the game, after I equipped in my Interceptor all the Masterwork component and ability I found that Ulti "less useful". I normally do more dmg with my ability then if I use the Ulti. 

It will be really cool if the Interceptor could use his ability even with the Ultimate on to make that ulti ROCK! 

So all the bonus from components and ability will count on the dmg output (now I saw that all the buff will fade as soon as you enter in Ulti mode)


What do you think? It will be too OP or it will be a nice change?

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Re: Interceptor Ultimate with ability

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★★★★ Novice

Did you try the ulti after the March 9th patch Standard smile stack buffs and you can see the ultimate hit for over 35k (MW 690)

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