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Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

by manifest9

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@gamingalife wrote:



How did this manage to be the most active topic in the Javelin forum...?

Because arguing. People respond to others' opinions like they were trying to recruit them into a cult. 

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@pzilocke wrote:


not broad and wide like a male ???

Sorry but thats a really shallow stereotypical narrowminded opinion...

So shadow warriors of ancient japan was all females as well since none of them have wide shoulders or looks like arnold ?

bruce lee was not a man ?? dressed he does not have wide shoulders, you cant really tell how buffed he was before he removes his clothes.

Ip man was a skinny * but he kicked some serious behind... no wide shoulders there...

its not the body type that makes it a man, its the gender.



No matter what the subject, you can find the exceptions to the rule. The odds support it. In the Navy I worked with all types of people. One guy weighed like a buck-o-five soaking wet and could barely carry a tool box to the aircraft. A girl in my shop could not only carry them, but she threw one across the room. So yeah- there are men who could easily fit the Interceptor as is. However, look at the other suits. To be operational, the guys in them have to be at least average in height and weight but on the high end, assuming they work out like SpecOps folks. The argument about the Interceptor not being female is just....silly. Nobody is suggesting the Colossus model as we see it is reserved only for gigantic women. The other 3 Javelins all have masculine features and design. For Christ's sake the Interceptor even looks like it's wearing high heels. 


Thing is, nobody has said the "female" Interceptor looks worse than the male javelins. Nobody is suggesting women can't pilot the other Javelins. It's just kinda one of those things- it is what it is. Busty, tiny- waisted, long legged, booty for days, and extremely thin limbs relative to the other suits. It looks feminine. Not bad, not good, not even criticism, I'm just willing to call it like I see it. 

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@Apfelkrautsalami wrote:

@Atroxcasus  schrieb:

 But it's a suit....hell pepper Potts fit in iron mans suit but it was made for a man lol. 


Of course SHE fits in HIS suit- he's bigger than her so there would be room for her in it, right?



But she's got b o o b s ... so when do we get the Colossus with space for b o o b i e s? xD

You just buy the Colossus one size bigger to accommodate the b o o b i e s 

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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My take on this whole thing is that people who are bothered by other people who may have an issue with the Interceptor's shape do not understand that many men fail to immerse themselves when playing a character or a suit that contains more feminine features than male. Which is why the idea of having a gender variation between javelins should have been the best and safest option.

Firstly anyone who even tries to bring the silly idea to the table that it shouldn't matter need wake up and realize people immerse themselves in video games differently and not everyone is okay with being forced to play something that you do not want to play as. This is why i cannot use the male voice actor for my Interceptor, it just doesn't work very well for me and so many others like me, being male who prefer having male features over the character we're taking control over. Instead i look at it for what it is and made the interceptor a female. Now i can actually immerse myself as a person in the interceptor suit.

The excuse that a javelin suit is unisex is insufficient. They're either delusional or in denial. As Atroxcasus said, you don't look at a duck, that walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and call it a zebra. If you play a video game that consists of the main protragonist being a zebra, not everyone would enjoy the zebra having webbed feet and feathers when you're expecting to play as a * zebra. If others wanted a duck then the ideal option is to put a duck and a zebra not one zebra with some features from a duck just for the sake of politically correct ideas seeping into video games.

If this wasn't the case, so many threads on numerous forum sites asking the same questions and engaging in the same arguments and debates wouldn't happen if that Javelin did not have feminine features.

Is it a huge problem? No. Is it still a problem? Yes and im not talking about specifically the interceptor lacking female and male variations i'm talking about ALL javelins. Some have to force themselves and get over it (this isn't a cool thing to make a player go through out of the dev's refusal to put gender variations) Others like myself would prefer to use a female, only because picking the male for the interceptor doesn't make a lot of sense. And yes of course to many others it doesn't matter but its not a reason to brush off the ridiculous desicion done for the modeling of all the javelin suits. It is literally a standard in the industry to introduce the option to choose X or Y, but not an option where X is pretending to be both simultaneously and then force the people who want to be Y to accept it.

 A video posted by bioware showing and explaining the process and development of the suits. If anyone who denies that the interceptor is a lot more feminine focused should watch the video and get to the part where one of their employees is measuring a woman's hips and legs (and probably her arse along with it) for the interceptor. If its so unisex im afraid i fail to understand why they needed to get the body measurment of a real woman in order to produce such a "unisex" suit. 

I know the developers intended for the suits to be unisex, however this doesn't absolve them of the fact that their attempt was done very poorly regarding the interceptor mostly. Next time they should have done an actual unisex suit.

If i want to play as a man in third person i expect to be given the choice to look at a man with 100% male features and a variation of the opposite gender. Leave your ridiculous politically correct ideas out of video games and remember that it affects how some players immerse themselves within the game. The same thing applies to rest of the javelins and should have been put in the game without question like pretty much almost every other multiplayer game out there that gives you that option. Or you can call things for what they really are and make the damn javelin full blown female focused only and maybe this entire * for the suit would have never happened anywhere on the internet.

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@ComeWithMeKitty if that's the case I want "female" versions of ranger and storm
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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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I think no matter their opinion on the feminine aspects of the Interceptor, everyone pretty much agrees that options for either gender ought to be in the game.
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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@gamingalife wrote:



How did this manage to be the most active topic in the Javelin forum...?

We built it...and they came.  The Anthem of Dreams.

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@MagikarpsGhost wrote:
@ComeWithMeKittyif that's the case I want "female" versions of ranger and storm

And that I suggested...for the Devs hearing, and as it should be.  BDO sort of done this, in their own way.  They changed the characteristics of their counterparts a little different (ie Wizard & Witch)

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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Yes, this is a discussion based around stereotypical phenotypes, but the Interceptor's basic shape is more feminine, and the other javelins are at least superficially masculine. Narrow waist, wider hips, rounded behind, long legs: classic adult female characteristics. However, if you select the (I think it's called) Shrike torso, you're looking at something which appears far more masculine. You get a broader chest and the groin area develops what I found myself calling a 'codpiece.' (Marl lost a load of codpieces in the fire, so I figure codpieces are a thing.) The Shrike head is a bit more masculine too, though I admit that a backswept skull (the default) is feminine only in the eye of the beholder. The Shrike head is rounder and flatter than the default.


I'd quite like to see some slightly more feminine pieces for the storm and ranger, but I don't think it'll be as easy as making the interceptor appear more masculine.


The colossus is androgynous anyway. It's just too big for anything human to wear it as a suit. Trying to get anyone's legs to fit into the suits legs, male or female, would split the pilot in half!

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@manifest9 wrote:

The Interceptor javelin has a female physique. Will there be a masculine Interceptor javelin for those playing as males(male voice)?

Personally found the Shrike Armor very male.



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