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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

by AhaloAskewed

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Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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The Interceptor javelin has a female physique. Will there be a masculine Interceptor javelin for those playing as males(male voice)?

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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I applaud you for noticing.  ;-)  Girls gotta have fun too!  When the Interceptor first came to light, I immediately started pitching it to my daughter, in hopes that she would get Anthem.  The other Javs may be a turn-off to some females. Imagine Anthem where the only four Javelins have male physiques? Perhaps in the early drawing or sketching phase of Anthem's development, someone saw the need to appeal to women gamers out there who may feel a bit uncomfortable in one of the obviously masculine Javs.  That I do understand completely.  I had issues playing the first Tomb Raider on a console.  But after 72 hours of near continues gaming (3-day rental), I haven't had a problem with it since, and in fact, I prefer female characters over the males (the scenic play mode).  When it came time to choose my second Javelin after the Ranger, during the Open Demo, I chose the Interceptor even though it looked female (even chose a female voice...after all isn't this roleplay?).  My decision for the Interceptor was based solely on its role as the super agile and fast melee.  I loved how in the video, the Interceptor releases and locks in its dual melee blades and goes Ninja-berzerk, chain killing mob after mob.

Bioware has set the example with the introduction of Legion of Dawn's General Helena Tarsis.  General Helena Tarsis piloted a Colossus Javelin.  I guess it is a personal choice or taste.  Personally, I will cheer enthusiastically for any IRL female (confirmed via VoIP) piloting a hulking Colossus or a nimble Ninja Interceptor.

Manifest9, you may be onto something here.  It needs to be brought to light, that there should be no hinderances to gamers wanting to sport a Javelin that matches their IRL gender and be able to run whichever in a squad role that suits their play style.  After all, VoIP in one form or another is a near necessity for boss and stronghold expedition especially if you're running the top difficulty levels.  No one should be embarrassed or uncomfortable piloting the Javelin of their choice while having it become known via VoIP that they are in a weapons platform perceived more suited for males or females.  I personally can't see this not become an issue with the current Javelin appearances due to human nature.  Such could perhaps limit Anthem's appeal to a wider gaming audience.  Greater the audience, the greater the player base, and the greater Anthem's success.

Very good point Manifest9.  I'm very eager to see if it takes root among players.  After Anthem has been live for a little time, maybe you could host a poll somewhere and pose the questions (ex.  Are you a male or female player?  Would you prefer to have the option of a Javelin gender that matches your own?)  Food for thought!  

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@manifest9 wrote:

The Interceptor javelin has a female physique. Will there be a masculine Interceptor javelin for those playing as males(male voice)?

I dont have any links to confirm this but I'm 105% positive they made no female armor are simply implying females are smaller and thinner physique like the interceptor javelin.  But it's a suit....hell pepper Potts fit in iron mans suit but it was made for a man lol.  I think ea was trying to play it safe and just have gender neutral which is probably why they have trailers with female rangers and colossi. 

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

You can run with a more masculine silhouette if you prefer.


Screenshot 2019-01-31 19.34.36.png

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?


The Interceptor is the sleekest model.

It fits closer and has less room for padding than the other models.

Its waist isn't so small a male pilot wouldn't fit into it, but it has to accommodate a female pilot's potentially a bit wider hips.

So a male pilot can probably use some more padding there.


The only thing that worried me about the Interceptor was the small opening for the pilot to get into.

But that would pose an even bigger problem for a female pilot because of the above mentioned potentially wider hips because the hips would have to fit through the opening.


A bodybuilder's arms probably wouldn't fit either, but that again goes for male and female pilots.

Since the inhabitants of Fort Tarsis look like slender is the default in this world, I assume, the arms won't really be a problem.


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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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I have to agree with Manifest9. I think Bioware is discreetly shipping out a female Javelin in the Interceptor. Take a closer look at the rear quarters, arms and waistline viewed from the rear. And in the Bioware video where all the Javs walk out onto the launch platform and each does their little special emote (Interceptor imitates The Karate Kid), notice how differently the Interceptor behaves. The other Javs strut down the runaway quite similar to the player animations used by the NFL.
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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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The one thing everyone who complains about this forgets is that; you're looking at the base armor look, there will be tons of armor variants to choose from some of which will look more masculine. Though I'm on the side of not seeing a feminine look, it just looks sleek to me.

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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that looks very female


if they give cosmetic armor variants to all suits with a female flair, they will make money, I mean come on if money is to be made they will do it

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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@KariiFrost wrote:

that looks very female


if they give cosmetic armor variants to all suits with a female flair, they will make money, I mean come on if money is to be made they will do it

If you build it...they will come.

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Re: Interceptor Javelin Female Only?

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This threads so much more chill than the other one I replied to. It's definitely noticable that there's a more female design to it. Idk why people bring up the iron mine and pepper's actually not relevant imo. Here's why. 


People wear suits, clothes....these can be tailored to be worn by males, females, or unisex right? 


A woman can potentially wear a mans outfit, and buy a more snug fitted (sometimes even youths size/boys) clothing. The unisex can go either way as well. Though female's just so much more pronounced and designed a specific way. A man can't throw it on for the most part. It's just way too noticable that it isn't unisex and isn't designed for a man. 


Taking that into the armored suits scenario...the suits can obviously be designed masculine or feminine too. So we come to a "if the shoes fit" basically. Even if the man fits into it....does that mean it isn't designed in a feminine way still? To me it's just super obvious. 


I play a game called halo 5. It's a well known first person shooter. Players can switch between genders for any spartan armor. Switching between the 2, the female versions basically mimic that style of the interceptor. Shoulders, arms, they tone down. Center of body mass gets pinched and begins to accent the curving out into the hips and butt. 


From my perspective...a male/female variant accross all javs would be really cool. I see no problem with it. Kinda reminds me of when I was a kid and had a group of friends that played with me. We really liked transformers and would pretend to be them at the park. One of my friends was a female. There's a female transformer called arcee. It's cool that character existed cause she really loved the fact that she wasn't ever left out. I know that's a way different topic, but idk it for some reason just reminded me of that. 


People like something they can identify with I guess. Even in video games. We can customize our gender for our why leave that customization out for a javelin....the heart of all our customization and what we really see 99% of the time in game?

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