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Interceptor Chain Combo

by NoDe31

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Interceptor Chain Combo

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After last patch interceptor got one nice buff that made it combo machine and the part of controversy ... Trick to that is to apply two different types of primers (Ice/Acid for example)... So as Interceptor, you have 3 choices... First is to equip either Venom Bomb (MW and Leg versions of it), or Cryo Glaive in assault slot, and Detonating Strike (MW and Leg version of it) in strike slot... That will give you some flexibility, but you will sacrifice hard hitting detonator called Tempest strike (Sudden Death)... And in GM3 you really want to have that hard hitting (fast cooldown) ability... Second choice (and unpopular one) is to relay on your teammates to prime targets for you (storm is great pair), but that is relative, as some players dont like "stealing" their primers and combo... But you have third choice... There is one nice sniper called "Siege Breaker" (Upgraded Whirlwind) that have ability made it just for new buffed Interceptor... "One hit streak 3, shots freeze the target"... Its easy to use, it goes nice with Venom Bomb, and you still have hard hitting Sudden Death strike... 

So fellow Interceptors, be nice, dont steal others combos, and have fun...


Here is example how it works



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