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Re: I don't understand this class...

by WitchesNRayGuns

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Re: I don't understand this class...

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You gotta be quick ! It’s all about in and out quick . Setup those combos detonate and leave before they focus on you. 


I ply an i interceptor in gm2 and gm3 Standard smile 

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Re: I don't understand this class...

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I used to be a one-hit-and-down interceptor on Hard. I am now on Masterwork gear and a Masterwork interceptor. There's very little that can touch me on Hard.


So, basically, it gets better. It's a good idea to learn to dodge, and to keep moving. Flying and dodging (dashing) will regenerate your shield faster, so keep on the move. But even without that, at level 30 with a good set of gear, you won't be the easily-squashed thing you are currently and you'll cut your way through enemies like they're not there.

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Re: I don't understand this class...

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You gotta really work at it and have the right components and gear.  For instance, if you are using a "lightning" effect, but all your gear ups ACID, it's not worth it.  If you try to take on too many enemies at one time, yeah, you will go down pretty quick. 


If you are going to Melee, make sure you use inscriptions that effect Melee.  I use an interceptor almost exclusively, and my Melee is very nice.  Plus the fact that I can self-combo with my ACID and melee, combined with the fact I have +Aura items, I pop Aura's very frequently.  It does get better as you level up, and you will find you can't take a lot of damage, but up close you can take out an Elite no problem. 


The whole point of Interceptor is to weaken, then attack.  I use a Machine Pistol (which yes do have low damage compared to others), but they have a really high RPM.  And if you are careful and precise with your shooting (shoot for the weak points ALWAYS), the weapons are not that bad.  You just have to be careful, because you can turn a boss on you VERY quickly which is VERY BAD.  And make use of your ultimate.  I can almost always take about 1/4 - 1/2 the HP of a normal / hard Boss with it (timed correctly.  Im at lvl 26 with a Rare Interceptor (all rares on everything - a few epics.. even components)


I would recommend you utilize Freeplay and try find the right mix of components, weapons, augments for how your play and then go from there.  See what incriptions best work for you and build out your Javelin.  That way, you can go out for 10 min at a time to an area with a lot of enemies, fight a bit, see if you like, end freeplay, adjust your Javelin, and do it again.

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Re: I don't understand this class...

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Regarding auras...


Try to proc an Ice aura whenever possible, if you use melee a lot. When your targets are frozen to the spot as soon as they get near you, they find it hard to fight back.

They easy way to achieve this is to use a Cryoglaive. Throw it in, smack your target, instant aura.

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