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Re: How do y’all feel about melee interceptor in gm2-3

by Altovin

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Re: How do y’all feel about melee interceptor in gm2-3

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There are issues with the animations and activations. That slight pause between melee and running or jumping costs a ton of damage and/or life.

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Re: How do y’all feel about melee interceptor in gm2-3

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I currently main a melee hybrid interceptor for gm2 and gm3. Currently my power level fluctuates between 732-788.  


The way the melee interceptor plays is strongly based on the masterwork or legendary components that are used. These components provide extra bonus abilities/damage/defense. With your current power level, you likely are missing out in a lot of those buffs because you are using epic items.


Additionally the interceptor is squishy; However, as a melee build you do not need to focus on damage with your guns. The guns become stat sticks (items equipped just for their stats).  Currently I have one weapon that is giving me 3 separate rolls for armor (75%, 65%, 24%). My second weapon gives me 70% armor and 80% shields. I also use a universal component called softened blows. It provides you with 75% damage mitigation if/when your shields break. There is another component that provides 50% increase to damage, then additionally provides 50% damage mitigation when you health/armor goes critical(roughly 15% or less armor)


My current component loadout is as follows:


(Legendary) Conductive lattice- increases electricity damage, electricity  resistance, and gear cooldown speed. (Orange bonus) melee hits detonate an electric explosion, can occur every 2 seconds.


(MW) symbiotic surge- increases javelin armor by a large amount. (Orange buff) increases all damage by 50% for 10 seconds when picking up a repair pack.


(Legendary) vengeance matrix- increases all damage by 50%. (Orange buff) on low armor, damage taken is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds.


(Legendary) way of resolve- increases interceptor melee damage by 10%. (Orange buff) dashing increases melee damage by 40% for 10 seconds.


(Legendary) softened blows-  increases javelin shields by a large amount. (Orange buff) increases damage resistance by 75% for 5 seconds when shields run out.


(Masterwork) elusive talisman- increases weapon damage by 25%. (Orange buff) dasingBasketball times refills the equipped weapon magazine.



I currently can run gm2 or gm3 fairly easily, but do have to pick my battles in gm3. There are two more items that will drastically increase melee damage beyond what I can do now. One being the new universal component (blood lust) that increases melee damage by 75%. The other item is the pistol (unending battle) that increases weapon and melee damage by 110% for 5 seconds after hitting an enemy at point blank range.


I would replace the elusive talisman with the blood lust component.


Currently my guns are elemental rage(elemental damage buff) and ralner's blaze(fast fire primer).


Melee interceptor is viable in gm3 and gm3, but will require specific gear and stats to boost defense.

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Re: How do y’all feel about melee interceptor in gm2-3

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A gear score of 4xx is the issue in GM2/3; I understand people want a better shot at drops but jumping in to GM3 content that is made for 760+ GS Javelins is a poor choice and only hurts the players you're jumping in with.


I main a pure melee Interceptor (774-788 depending on which build I'm using) and only do GM3 content unless I'm with a buddy that isn't quite strong enough to run GM3 Strongholds effectively (only GM3 for everything else though). The Interceptor is a rogue; you absolutely must duck in and out of combat constantly and if you're face tanking anything, get used to being rezzed. As another member posted, the weapons are largely for the stats. I use an Unending Battle to trigger the 110% melee buff but that's pretty much the only reason I ever pull a trigger (Thunderbolt of Yvennia to bust shields on flying mobs would be another reason). Self buffed, my basic melee hits for 17,xxx dmg (without great inscriptions); you have to step back a bit to proc the pistol ("point blank" cant be touching or it wont proc) and dash back in for the 40% melee passive on Way of Resolve. I run four offensive components and two defensive with a lot of shield and armor inscriptions (good for 44 or 45 armor bars depending on which build I'm running). You must be agile and use a lot of evade (dash). 


To combat the pauses between certain abilities, use jump and/or evade to animation cancel so you aren't standing there motionless; dash to a flank, proc with Unending Battle's passive, jump back in.

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Re: How do y’all feel about melee interceptor in gm2-3

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Currently I have no issues meleeing GM2. I haven't jumped to 3 yet because can't seem to find the right weapons to buff armor and physical.(Thats the key)


I build Serpents Veil and Cariff's Talon for never ending armor regen and infinite combos. Cariff's Talon and way of the bold auto 90% armor regen after melee kill. Actually really only running 5.5 components since I'm taking a massive cut to armor with symbiotic surge. Even with venegence matrix I rarely go down.


Current weapons buff a total of 350 physical and 90% armor. 

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Re: How do y’all feel about melee interceptor in gm2-3

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And I would suggest never using Survival Algorithm

Your trading 738 shields per legendary component for 1438 armor per legendary component


2 shots for one shot, alsi intercepter has more armor regen abilites than shields.

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