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Dominion electric bombs

by AOD_Timeless164

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Dominion electric bombs

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I thought thiswas a problem with the conductive lattice component but I realized later that it's the targets game mechanic that's the problem. 


A lot of Dominion troops carry electric grenades. They seem to drop and blow up immediately when killed, which really sucks for Interceptor. 


Id really like to see you add a five second delay, or better yet just don't have dead enemies drop live bombs at all.

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Re: Dominion electric bombs

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And what conductive lattice blows these up when we kill them?? Cuz I've been randomly getting dropped in gm3 freeplay when I'm switching loadouts/gear and never been able to figure out why I'm randomly getting wrecked... this may be the reason lol cuz I dont use way of the bold anymore at all so this would be seriously messing me up.

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Re: Dominion electric bombs

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well it's a fact that certain Dominion troops carry these grenade/bombs. I think it's all of the unshielded guys. I'm sure you've seen plenty thrown at you. It's the fact that they drop live when the dude dies that's my complaint.
And to your point, people don't notice or care at GM1 level or lower. But you can feel the effect on GM2 and it can be damn near lethal in GM3.
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