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Re: Debuff after shield breaks?

by WitchesNRayGuns

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Debuff after shield breaks?

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Few questions: I’ve seen people say in a few posts that when an interceptor shield breaks a debuff is placed on the interceptor that increases damage TAKEN by the Interceptor. Any one have proof? It would make sense, though, since even at 730+ gear score I get one shot consistently in GM2 content by lowly trash mobs. Sometimes by an ability not even telegraphed, just minding my business flying to the next place of cover and “POP!” 100-0% by a single phantom ability. Is getting one shot by trash mobs while wearing a more than sufficient gear score for the content good for the game? I don’t think so, I want time to react and counter in some capacity. 

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Re: Debuff after shield breaks?

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I got about 15x to 20x bars of shield or armor for gm 2 and takes about 3 to 5 heavy attack to kill me, depending on build im running, if your running weapon build stack shield if your running melee build armor zero shield required, gear score has zero importance on how much dmg you can take usally running about 85% × max amor on gm2 and 125% max armor for my melee build on my gunner build about 150% max shield for gm3

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Re: Debuff after shield breaks?

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I used to stack armor for my melee build and even then it seemed like some enemy abilities still did the same amount of absurd damage. I’ll have to revisit it again.

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Re: Debuff after shield breaks?

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I think you're seeing the effects of the famous HP bug more than some debuff. I asked about this rumoured debuff on shield break, and I got no source. It was said to have been in 'a guide somewhere' but there was no link. I rather suspect this was just someone speculating.


The actual wording was something like 'interceptors are more vulnerable when their shield breaks.' If you think about it, that's a duh sort of comment. Of course they're 'more vulnerable' when their shield breaks: they don't have a shield!

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